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JoWright 19th August 2006 07:00 PM

Board for wavesailing

I i do a lot of formula racing and have started doing a bit of wavesailing and i am lookin to buy a wave board. What would people reccommend.

Im 171cm and 53 kg, i can duckgybe ,jump and waterstart.

Any advice???

Jo xxx:)

Russell 22nd August 2006 03:47 PM

RE: Board for wavesailing
Hi Jo.

I have waited some days to see if any of the girls reply.

Choosing a wave board is not so easy. Can you give us some more info on where you will be using the board and what wind strenght. also wind direction in relation to the waves.

We all like to have realy small wave boards but if the conditions are not perfect we normally use larger ones. I am 60 kg and I have 3 wave boards, 95l, 75l and 55l. In a year I use the 95l the most

In September I hope to be working with Maria Andres on her wave riding and Jumping. She comes from a formula background and I know at the moment she is using the Evo 80l, which she surfs realy well. A lot of people will say this board is to big but she gets more days on the water in small waves and light winds so she can learn to be in the pocket, rather than run away from the big waves.

So once I have had some time with Maria and we have some more info from you we can try to work out the correct board for you.


katty 22nd August 2006 04:04 PM

RE: Board for wavesailing
Hi Jo,

I am surfing with the Evo 74 liters and I like it very much. I have enough volume with lower winds ((5,8 m?) and the board is also handling very well in stronger winds (3,7 m?). Very easy to get use to, very funny, and you can use it in all weather conditions. As I am heavier than you, maybe you can go for the 70l ?


JoWright 22nd August 2006 06:41 PM

RE: Waveboard
Thanks for your all help! for russel- I will mainly be sailing at rhosniger UK in force 4- 5, sometimes 6, i have 3.6, 4.1, 5 and 5.5 I want to be able to go out in most conditions and i can only afford to get one board! If you could send me the info when you get it that would be much appreciated.

Thanks again,

JO x

Russell 22nd August 2006 08:08 PM

RE: Board for wavesailing
Hi Jo.

OK. Rosneiger can be a realy chalenging venue. So somethink you must think about is what size waves are you realy going to go out in.

At your size the Evo 70 should be a good alround wave board but it will not like a 5.5m sail. But saying this For waves I would not expect you to be using anything bigger than 4.7m. The rig weight becomes an issue against your body weight when doing bottom turns and cutbacks.
Even the Evo 70 in force 6 is going to feel realy big if you are having to punch out through waves. This board can also feel realy small when you are not planning.

See if you can get a demo on the Evo?s. It does not have to be in the waves. Just to find out how early you can get planning on each size. As this could be the governing facter for which size you get. Going out at Rosneiger being able to plane with a small sail is the most important. As on the beach there is not so much wind but out the back you will be over powered.

When I have some feedback from Maria I will post you a new link.

If you have any technique questions please ask.


Kerstin 6th September 2006 05:59 PM

RE: Board for wavesailing
Hi Jo!
You are writing you only can afford one board. In that case I would suggest you the EVO 75l.
On this board you can handle all your sailsizes for sure and it will give you enough lift to sail in lighter wind as well.
Hope I could help you!

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