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starfire 20th June 2009 01:02 AM

Anybody home?????
On June 3, I asked a few questions of Ian or Kevin and while I realize they've got their hands full with any number of duties, projects, etc. I would surely love to have a response one day. (I bought Kevin's 111 Isonic in the Fall of '07, am still a Hyper 105 wood sailor since '04, with my current 2nd one formerly owned by Sam Ireland. Great for flat water days, but am still curious about the '09 Futura 93 and even more curious as to why STILL there's not one hint of any test report anywhere on it & definitely not through Starboard's site (that I can find); what's with that? Did this particular board just not become a 'hit', or what?

Hoping for a reply.

Byron in Toronto

Chris Pressler 20th June 2009 02:50 AM

Hi Byron,
I sailed this board in Vietnam in the end of January and was surprised by the speed and control. Itīs a super quick freerider, which was easy to jibe. My weight is around 83 - 84 kg and the board did not feel very big. The sail I used was a 6,5 Gator. But you easily can use a square meter smaller as well.
Itīs definitely a board, which makes a lot of fun for medium to strong wind freeriding.

starfire 20th June 2009 11:11 PM

Well....thanks for taking then time to send a reply, come across any test reviews on the 93 in general?



Chris Pressler 21st June 2009 07:16 PM

Hy Byron,
sorry, didnīt see any testreports so far, but all the other tested sizes (101, 111, 122,133) got very good results.
I just can describe my impressions when sailing this board: "It feels very fast and was fast compared to a Slalom model for instance. I felt jibing quite easy, but the volume is not more than 93 l. Using a 6,5 fit well, but also works great on much smaller sizes. I used a 34 cm fin."

Perhaps Remi can get you some more feedback.

All the best,

starfire 9th July 2009 09:53 AM

Thanks again for taking the time to reply Chris...(Been away for a bit, so just back to this thread now...)
I hope you're getting some time to get in some good sailing this summer! (Wind at our local beach here in Toronto has been the worst in 25 yrs...gotta keep vibing for a better days!)



Ray Timm 9th July 2009 10:31 AM

I have one and I agree with what Chris says. I even sail it with a 7.0 and a 36 fin. It has a very composed, smooth ride when ridden overpowered. Much easier to drive the board through rough water at full speed than the Kode 94 which rides quite a bit rougher. One of my favorite boards for high speed offshore sailing using a 6.0 or 6.4.

Kevin Pritchard 9th July 2009 02:15 PM

I love the 93 Futura. It is a great smooth riding board. Great for going fast and doing fast gybes freeriding!!

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