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skenn158 20th June 2009 04:42 AM

Wood deck repair, Git-rot?
I searched and read about finding a penetrating epoxy for repairing a wood deck on my formula board. I have a small crack, have no idea from what, near the mast base, No dent or deformation but I saw water seeping from it when I left the board in the sun. It's a little difficult to find the penetrating epoxy mentioned in previous posts however a product is available at most boat stores called Git-Rot. It says on the label it's a penetrating epoxy. I've used it to repair damaged wood, but nothing ever as fine as the wood deck on my 161. Does anyone have any experience using it in this fashion?


Ola_H 23rd June 2009 03:37 AM

If it's epoxy it will in any case do no harm. And from the sound of it it is exactly what you want. If you used it before, I think you can fairly well assess if it's what you need or not.

Good luck,

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