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jack53 23rd June 2009 08:07 AM

Board advice

I am a asian from Hong Kong, I am 168cm tall, 62kg.

The condition of Hong Kong is slightly choppy and around 15-20 knots wind.

Would you advise what board is fit to my condition.

Thanks for your advice


Ken 23rd June 2009 10:59 PM


Not Kevin, but for Kevin or someone else to answer your question, they will need more information.

1. What is your skill level? Water starts, planing jibes, racing?
2. Do you have a board and if so, what is it?
3. What type of windsurfing have you been doing? Freeride, bump and jump, slalom, wave, freestyle, speed, formula?
4. What sails do you have and what are their sizes?
5. What type of sailing will you be doing. See #3 above

Get back to Kevin with the above information and he may be able to help.

jack53 24th June 2009 03:14 PM

Hi Ken,

Thanks, let me tell you more above me.
1. I think I am intermediate, I can water start in port side, a sometimes successful planing jibes.
2. I have a 117L Starboard Aero Kombat, 234L x 68W.
3. I am a freerider, speed and gybe, not wave and slalom.
4. I have a 6.5 NP SOLO, a batten sail, and a 5.5 cam sail
5. I want to be a freeride for speed and jibe.

Thanks for your advice. Thanks a lot.

Ken 25th June 2009 01:33 AM


Again, I can't speak for Kevin, plus his advice is worth waiting for. However, given your skill level, size and sails, I would suggest the Futura 101 or possibly the Futura 93. Great all around freeride boards that are pretty fast.

If you experience winds on the lighter side 12 - 18 knots, then the 101 would be best.

If you experience winds on the stronger side 15 - 25 knots, then the 93 would be best.

However, the 93 better compliments your Kombat 117 if you are planning on keeping it. The 101 and 117 are a little too close to one another.

If you ask Roger on the "Windsurfing School" forum, he can provide a lot advice on board choices too.

Hope this helps.

jack53 25th June 2009 12:34 PM

Really Really thanks for your advice.

Kevin Pritchard 9th July 2009 04:41 AM

I was going to say the Futura would be the best for you. The 101 is really fast and fun to sail on... Great in the gybes and tons of fun..

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