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Jan W 1st July 2009 07:17 PM

Fin size Isonic 133/135 (model 2006/2009)
I have an Isonic 135l model 2006 and I am satisfied with the behavior. Still I like to know why in the new models the vin range is changed and for what reason.The model 2006 has 2 vins: 38 en 44 cm and the model 2009 52cm. The sail size is almost the same:Model 2006 6.5-10 and 2009: 6.5-10.5.

Remi 3rd July 2009 01:12 PM

Hi Jan W,

The board is totally different and also wider (85cm) reason why the fin is bigger.

The 2009 model carry much better a 10m˛ and much higher on the water compare to the 2006 model. This board is at the limit of the PWA rules of 85cm wide.

If you look for a good fin for 09 model, go for the R16 shape in 48 to 52 depending of size sail (9 to 10m˛)

All the best

Jan W 3rd July 2009 04:25 PM

Thanks Rémi for your answer.
I understand that there is difference in shape and that the size has been changed for that reason. I wonder what will happen,if i change the vin size to 54 f.e.(for iSonic model 2006)
At this moment I use an 50 cm Tecnotronic for my 9.8 V8 N.P. When i am "finriding', i change it for an 48 cm Drake.If the wind then increases more i rig my 8.0 V8 . Sometimes i change the 48 for the 44 Drake for more control. And sometimes if the wind is not constant enough i let the 44cm fin and i change for an 7.0 V8 .If the wind still increase i use my iSonic 105l(model 2006) The reason for my question was that in this season i have a lot of more pleasure with my bigger sails and board so I hope that you can tell me if i have to change some thinks to have even more fun.

Remi 4th July 2009 01:02 AM

Hi Jan W,

I would like to know your weight to give you the best answer.

All the best

Jan W 7th July 2009 06:09 PM

Hi Rémi,
My weight is clean 81 kg. My height is 180 cm.I have also an other question and i think you can answer that the best.Last weekend i had an beatiful day for my 133l. so till so far i load my confidence.Monday i use my 105l iSonic.Windforce 5B ,6.2 N.P Saber,vin 34 cm.I bounced in the choppy waves.No more any confidence.Can you give me some tricks or excercises so that i know that give the right pressure on the right place.Others go well with the same sailsize and slalom boards.Maybe they have no fear to fall.I do.

Remi 8th July 2009 09:28 PM

Hi Jan W,

On iSonic you must have the boom hight around your face with long harness line and footstraps all in back or to make more distance between straps in the middle position for the front one. The mast track behind the middle.
You have to play with your back leg a lot to go really fast in choppy water to never open the sail.
To make your 105 more easier the SL3 34 or SL5 34 will help you a lot.
Hope this help

All the best

Jan W 14th July 2009 12:24 AM

Hi Rémi,
I am still missing your answer according finsize and body weight.(see 3rd july).What is the difference between SL3 and SL5?Give a freeride fin more control?Your solution to have a high boom and the mastfoot position is opposite to what i always had thought.On my home spot i used the same 8.0 sailsize but different boards.The 133 iS was sticking to the water and the 105 iS was already a little rising out of the water.What can i do so that the 105 also sticks more to the water.Maybe you say,that i have bought the wrong board for the choppy water on my home spot.I have no money to change for an other board.I still love the 105,but i like to improve the range for riding in the chop.Enough for this time.Waiting for your reply if that is possible.All the best

Erik Loots 14th July 2009 11:11 PM

HI Jan,

With your gear I presume the speed would be above normal. To keep your gear in control I would highly recommend the Select SL7 33cm, this fin is also very fast. In really CHAOTIC conditions the Select Devil 33cm will keep your down no matter what.

I have done my best speeds those days on the Is105 with a 6.3 and Tectonics Falcon F1 30... However tectonics sometimes tend to give a very loose ride, making it difficult. This is why I rode 3cm shorter, upwind speed was not that good...

I have got a 33cm Select SL9 proto for sale. This is the 2009 model, no problem to send it around the world.


Erik Loots

Remi 17th July 2009 08:18 PM

Hi Jan W,

Sl3 and Sl5 are deifinitelly not free ride fins, but perfect in difficult condition like hard choppy water.
For the trim try this solution and you will see. To have the boom lower on this iSonic make the board event more glue on the water
iSonic 135/9,8 : R16 48/50
iSonic 135/8,0 : Sl4 44
iSonic 105/7,0 : Sl4 36/38 hard condition Sl5 36

Hope this help

All the best

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