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faster1 7th July 2009 02:19 AM

Isonic 94 V/S Drake fin
I finally just bought my isonic 94. My first impression was mixed and I think it is coming from the skeg. I am 64 kg and usually use 6. to 6.5 sails. I tried this 34cm fin and have some spin out. I know that I run usually hard on the skeg, but with my other board with Select fin everything was OK. I tried before the 94 with a SmartFin from Holland and it was fantastic. But Holland is far from home. So basically for an agressive lignthweight guy who play rough with the fin what is your suggestion for me? I know that I don't have the full Potential of the board right now. Do I have to get a bigger fin or a better fin?


Franc from Portugal 7th July 2009 02:00 PM

get a better fin, unfortunatelly . had the sam eproblem with i101, tried all sort of combinations with stock fins and they all were semi-solution. finally invested in custom fin and the board was a whole new story in all type of conditions.

heard it somewhere on the beach...why does not starboard deliver boards without fins but with a custom made boarbag (for each model)? would be the same expense but boardbag would certainly work as opposed to stock fins that are proven year on year as ...crappy semi-solution

faster1 7th July 2009 07:50 PM

thanks for your reply, I agree all the way with you

mark h 8th July 2009 07:09 AM

post 2.
Thats a good idea. I guess if they delivered boards in a board bag it would save SB on cardboard & plastic packaging. Save a bit of space at landfill waste sites too. I'm not keen on the stock Drake slalom Pro fins either and I've stopped using them. New board means a couple of new fins as well. But, the Drake R13 on the iS133/144 are pretty decent and do use them. I do like the idea of either a board bag or a lower cost board and no fins. Wonder if SB would consider this???

willy 8th July 2009 07:14 AM

Hi Faster1, I had similar problem with my 36 sock fin, have an isonic 101 09, and weight 68/70 kilos, Drake stock 36 fit loose in the fin box since new, so it is risky to damage the box so i sold that fin. Later on I bought a Deboichet sl2 36 and the board rides as it was supused to, and now I went smaller with fin to ride down wind and bought a Venom 32 for drag race and it is super fast and no spin outs, but remember, you must ride your isonic several times to get confortable with it as is a special board and requires some fine tuning for each sailing stile.
Rgs from Argentina

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