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highlander 8th July 2009 07:41 PM

Is a Kombat 105 suitable for me ?
Hi there,
Just looking for a little bit of advice. . .
I've been windsurfing for 2 years now, mostly on an inland lake where the wind is usually light / gusty. So, I want to start sailing at the coast in stronger winds.
I would describe myself as an intermediate - I can use the harness, get into the footstraps and waterstart (I weigh 80kg). I have one board, a carve 144 and I'm considering buying a smaller board to allow me to progress. I'm interested in getting into wave sailing and want to buy a board that will allow me some freeride capability for the lake (in higher winds) while also letting me develop some wavesailing skills. Is a Kombat 105 suitable ? Would it be a lot more difficult to use than say a carve 111 ? I would plan on getting a smaller, dedicated wave board sometime down the line, when funds and skill-level allow. I need something to allow me to make the transition and that I can continue to use for some years ahead.:)
Thanks very much,

Taty Frans 8th July 2009 09:08 PM


Perfect choice :)
You seems to know it all.

Go for the Kombat 105.

Taty Frans

Screamer 9th July 2009 06:27 AM

Not particularly harder than a Carve111, especially when you've got your planing skills and waterstarts sorted (but you can even uphaul it with some practice). Go for it.

Try some 105-120 boards before buying if you can, just to get the feel for it. The first few days of struggle on a 105 will reward you massively later on.

Kevin Pritchard 9th July 2009 02:17 PM

When I used the Kombat I loved it. You can use it for blasting around as well as some begining wave riding shots. If you look at some of the photos of me wave riding that board, they are pretty sick. Definitely a board to consider

highlander 10th July 2009 07:58 PM

Many thanks for the comments - very useful. A Kombat 105 it is then !

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