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AlexWind 11th July 2009 02:20 AM

Footstrap hole gone! How to fix it?
Hi everyone, after a year I tried to change my back footstrap position on my iSonic 122 from the middle hole to the "all back" position in order to get more speed, as someone told me.
The bad thing is that the all back hole is gone! The screw is loose and it gets out easily!
And the strange thing is that I've never used that hole before!

What can I do to fix the hole permanentlly?

I was thinking about getting a bigger screw, may it help?

Any other solution? I found some topics on that theme in the forum but I can't find a "definitive" answer to that..

Thanks in advance, cheers

Roger 11th July 2009 04:36 AM

Hi Alex Wind,
Try the product/procedure on this link:

There will be lot's of naysayers, I'm sure, but it has always worked for me on
stripped FS inserts and stripped vent plug fittings.

AlexWind 11th July 2009 05:12 AM

Hi Roger, first of all thank you for the fast reply! I fear I won't find the products mentioned here (I live in Italy), a pitty becouse it looks a superb fix!
I'll have a look on eBay maybe but it'll take some time..

Any other suggestion?

Roger 11th July 2009 06:19 AM

Hi Alex,
You should be able to find something very similar at a large auto parts store.
If not an auto parts store, check your phone directory for industrial supply or
ball bearing supply stores.
They may have an Italian or European product that's the same.
Look for a 2 part epoxy thread repair kit. Be sure the kit comes with a small tube of
"release agent" which you will need to get really strong new threads.
If not, you can go to a larger screw, but stick with the PT (Plastics Technology) thread form as it's alot stronger in engineering plastics like your footstrap inserts.
You might find an M7 or M8 PT screw somewhere.
Hope this helps,

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