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juan1 13th July 2009 06:10 PM

sail rigging
i recently buy north warp 09 , 7,0 mtrs
do anyone have experience rigging this sail?
i cant find the way to make it fast and powerfull
i have the platinium north recomended mast
but is like it workd well when fully maxed out and then never find the right position for normal winds
feels soft , im desorientated
regards juan

mcasaldaliga 18th July 2009 01:57 PM

Hi Juan

I do not own a full race sail but on what I have heard and read these sails are meant to be used overpowered. I guess they take out a 7m2 with quite high winds (for me at least, an intermediate sailor).
Anybody else, am I wrong?

What do you refer normal winds?
Sorry if I misinterpret you, but maybe the sail is well trimmed but it is meant for more wind

May be if you detail more on the board type and the range of winds (+14kts?) you expect it to work, you can be answered better

Hope it helps


willy 19th July 2009 12:16 AM

Hi, that sail should be rigged as the manual say, and that size must be used from 17 knots and up (depends rider weight) to get the most of it.

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