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sam 2007 27th July 2009 10:11 PM

Rio update

I'm still enjoying the Large Rio with my new 4.6 Revo for light wind free style. :)

However, with my 8.0 sail in planing conditions I'm finding that the domed deck is not so comfortable. It seems like I can't really pressure the fin when I get going with the back footstraps in the middle of the board. When I crave jibe I have to remember to take a small step over with my back foot or else the board will tip.

Any thoughts on how to get the Rio to plane earlier and how to crave jibe it. I sailed my Free Formula yesterday and it's so different from the Rio.

The biggest thrill I have had on the Rio so far is that I can stand up and paddle it. :) I never thought I would be able to SUP but I can on the Rio. I have even bought a Sawyer SUP Paddle. Would you briefly give me an intro to SUP for the Rio (centerboard up or down, how to not zig zag but go straight).

Now I don't mind if the wind dies cause I can get my paddle and go back out.

I 'm using 85 mm fin bolts for my deep tuttle fin on the RIo and that seems to work. That was the length Gary Stone suggested.



Roger 29th July 2009 09:59 AM

Hi Sam,
Glad to hear you are still happy with the Rio L.
At first I didn't lke the feel of the domed deck either, but after sailing the Rio M a bit more, I found that if I get my heel slighty out on the flat area at the bottom of the dome, I can sail the Rio fully planing just like any other board.
It just takes a while to get over the different angle you have to place your back foot at.
I'm not the guy to ask about SUP.
I have a 12' 6" Wood SUP as a demo board, and I've actually "paddled" it a few times, but mostly I put a 5.0 Retro Ripper or a 6.5 Retro on it and sail it.
I would think having the CB down would help with "direcionality" but the drag might be significant.
Hope this helps,

sam 2007 29th July 2009 09:50 PM


I'll try what you said about having my back heel out on the flat part of the board when planing.

When you crave jibe the Rio where do you put your back foot when you step over for the entry? I started a good jibe yesterday but when I picked up my front foot to switch my feet the board tipped off the plane. My back foot didn't seem to be very far over cause I wasn't turning tight.

When there is just barely enough wind to plane should I have the daggerboard down at all?

Thanks for the tip about my back heel.


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