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johntr 28th July 2009 10:22 PM

wide board on roof rack
Hello all. I trailer most of my boards, but my new Gemini is too long :(. I've tried it on the roof in town, and it takes up more room than I'd like, making it impossible to bring along the kayak as well. Has anyone tried a 100cm wide board in one of those "on the side" kayak racks? I'm thinking it would take a lot less room, but I wonder how much wind pressure a wide board would generate sticking up off the roof on its side. (How wide is a kayak at its widest point? I'm thinking it's usually quite a bit less than 100cm.)

Any other ideas?


Roger 29th July 2009 08:21 AM

Hi John,
Due to the huge surface area and the rocker in the Gemini, I don't think I'd try going down the road at speed with the board standing on it's side. I think you might break your rack doing this.
How long is your trailer?
I'd think you could build a "top rack" on the trailer to get the Gemini up above everything else.
If you have to put the kayak on the trailer and keep the Gemini flat on the roof so be it.
Even if the Gemini hangs off the back of the trailer a bit, hang a red flag from the rear fin screw hole and I think you'd be OK.

johntr 30th July 2009 12:45 AM


My trailer is 6x10. Yesterday we tried cramming the Gemini in diagonally -- and it fit! We'll probably go with that for long trips.

For shorter trips I love your idea of putting a rack on the roof of the trailer. Do you know anything about what sort of companies install those things? The trailer is by Wells Cargo, and they said they don't do racks -- at least at the time I bought it. I wonder who I might call to put a rack on ...


Roger 30th July 2009 06:39 AM

Hi John,
Wow, you got the Gemini in your 10 foot long trailer..... can I borrow your shoe horn please?
As far as a "roof rack" for your trailer, your local cargo trailer dealer can probably do that for you.
Or, you can buy some Thule 542 (Bronco Brackets) that simulate rain gutters on a vehicle.
Carefully install the brakets on the upper fore and aft frame rail of your trailer (Be sure to get some good polysulphide sealer and seat the bronco brackets and the SS throuigh bolts in a thin layer of sealer so they don't leak. Put some SS washers and SS self locking nuts on the inside and you will have a really solid rack for the Gemini.
Once you have the bronco brackets installed, you can get Thule or Yakima roof rack bars with sufficiently high side towers to allow you to put the cross bars across the top of your trailer just above the roof line.
This should be plenty solid to handle the Gemini and your kayak.
If you want to keep the Gemini clean, get a wide board bag for the front and put it on the front of the board when travelling.
Hope this helps,

johntr 11th August 2009 11:35 PM

Well this is embarrasing, but it turns out I mis-remembered the size of my trailer, which is nominally 6x12, not 6x10. Turns out the interior is actually more like 11 ft 9 inches, which just fits the Gemini at an angle.


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