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Hyper 105 vs. Futura 122 plus S-type spinouts
I have so many questions but first of all I am 5'3" 55 yrs. 137 lbs. 13 yrs exp.

1. Which board would plane earlier given the same conditions, same sail, Hypersonic 105 or Futura 122 ? (both wood versions) I typically use 6.5 - 9.3 on these boards. I would like to only bring one and possibly get rid of one.

2. I just moved the straps on my wood version S-Type 115 (Kevin Pritchard's old board) to the front position. Will this help avoid spinouts? I spin out alot w/ a 5.5 sail and sometimes 4.5 with a 10" True Ames Wave Weed Surfingsports. I always need weed fins and sail in rivers lakes and bays. Is there anything else that will help?

Not having much luck lately. Either too windy at Lakes Bay or not windy enough to plane,

Maximus 29th July 2009 06:09 AM

1. With your 9m the Hyper will plane earlier (if finned correctly), with sizes 6-8m, there wont be any significant difference.

2. Straps are not your problem, you have the wrong board! Sounds like you are using wave sails? and in bump and jump conditions? If so you need an Acid or Kode/Kombat.

In a nutshell you have 3 very similar boards, keep you favourite light to medium wind board, and swap the other two for a decent bump and jump board, if thats your intent.

Although the reccomended sails for the F122 say 5.5m - 9m, you can guarantee that the extremes of both sizes will feel awefull. These sizing are foronly if you have the one board. If you have 2 boards, always size your sails for the middle of the reccomended range. For F122 that would be 8.4/7.8 - 6.5.

If you could let me know what sail types you have,and what you are trying to achieve, there are a lot of informed people here who can help more.

Cheers 30th July 2009 11:17 AM

2 boards for all conditions
I have all Gaastra sails. They have 2 cams. I think the 4.5 has one. They are either GTX or Swifts. I sail mainly in Lakes, Rivers, and the Bay. I would like to have only 2 boards. One for 4.5 to 6.5 and another from 6.5 to 9.3. Jibing ability is important for all. Speed is important for the larger board but ironically, I want a slower board in 4.5 - 5.5 conditions so I can not be overpowered and terrified to go into a gybe. My light weight means a limit of less than 25 mph. winds. Ideally, I just want to plane and be comfortable. Just got the F122 I guess because I got bored with the hyper. My concern for the smaller board is not bouncing but yet enough liters to feel safe.
Thank you,

Maximus 31st July 2009 01:10 PM


So basically you still want freeride gear. Thought with the small sails you were using wave sails. Keep your F122 and add a F93. You are overpowred on the St115 because its too big. The F93 will still be fast, but comfortably fast, there is a big difference there. With your light weight, make sure you use very small fins in high wind, this will help a lot also. Say a freeride 26-28cm.

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