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Karl 3rd August 2009 09:28 PM

Why you plan to stop the evo?
Hi all,

for me the evo was the best step up in waveriding performance for the last 10 years. Helped me a lot with my waveriding.

Why you plan to stop the production of such a great board. Starboard has plenty of boards in his range. Why not keep a bestseller.

Iīm rather sure the twin or quad have their advantages but in overall performace the evo is nearly unbeatable (onshore, strong current, flukey wind etc., but good in sideshore wind and big waves as well).

I donīt know about the quad but the evil twin was not as allround as the evo. Thatīs why I doubt the quad is.

I think for the average not professional wavesailor itīs all about knowing his equipment very well, e.g. different fin set ups etc., because our quality time in waves is limited, due to work and family. Quads donīt make this easier. I donīt see myself fiddling about the fins with a quad.

I would love to have one board for each different condition but I donīt have the time and money to really proffit.

So keep up your good work in evolving new kid for us but please keep the good (sounds conservative Iīm getting old ;).

Iīm thinking of buying another evo to replace mine when it dies.

Cheers Karl

Ola_H 4th August 2009 04:40 AM

I can only say that you need to try the quad. It's not like the twin fin boards, but much more all round and "normal" in general sailing but then with all that extra "flair" when wave riding. The quad setup seems to handle a much bigger range of sails also which actually make fin tuning easier. In fact, I can not think of an EVO sailor that would not feel the corresponding Quad is an improvement right across the board, regardless of sailor competence.

And even if you think four fins will add some complexity in some sense the end result as I see it is a much more all round board than the EVO ever was.

leysenkr 4th August 2009 01:20 PM

Is it necessary to fin-tune the Quad? Which fin ranges will be on the Quad 76 for example? How do you have to fin-tune the Quad?

mim 4th August 2009 02:23 PM

diesappearing EVO

I have only one problem with that...I ride EVO 100 (I am 100 kg and I can not use anything smaller when the wind is not strong enough for 5.0 and consistent...which is almost never on my local place...I use my 86 maybe twice a year).

I would love to try quad but even the 87 is way too small for me...I know you offer the Kode option...but this is exactly the point where it comes...the EVO feeling is gone for the biggest size.

How about that? ... maye be a convertible quad of 100 liter would be solution!

Ciao M.

Karl 4th August 2009 02:56 PM

Hi Ola,

when I have the opportunity to try a quad I will definitely give it a go. Seems that you are all very excited about the board.

Untill then I try to get as many wavedays as I can get. In the end thatīs what counts.

But you guys in windsurfing industry, especially at starboard, know how to trigger the customers buying interest. But thatīs your job.

Cheers Karl

Ola_H 4th August 2009 11:48 PM

Many sailing days are always better than new gear, so way to go Karl. Regarding gear, I personally always try to give my honest opinion. I think that is the best thing in the long run. And in this case I fully stand by my "excitedness". In a sense though, I think the twinsers was even more exciting as far as development goes, but as a "gear adviser" the Quads are more exciting because I think they will be good boards for a wider selection of riders.

Mim: Yes, that's a problem for 2010. I guess a Quad 100 would be possible but I have no idea if that something that is planned. Hold on to the EVO 100! (And if it in the future starts to bore you you can always convert it to quad or thrusters).

matyix 7th August 2009 01:28 AM

Hi Ola,

I understand that the Quad is a very versatile board, etc. What about for bump and jump? ET did not release on a jump as smooth and easy as an EVO? How do they jump, are they as good as the EVO going vertical?

Ola_H 7th August 2009 03:28 AM

I personally always liked the EVO for everything including B&J, but the B&J king was for me always the Kode/Acid/Kombat. If you want that kind of free running excitement, speed and directionality when you put the hammer down the Kode is still it.

Regarding Quads I did have a few B&J-like sessions on them. But light onshore small waves, type of B&J and choppy powered up 4.2 kind of B&J. Overall I think the character is similar to the EVOs here. But you do have more grip under your feet and I think jumping is actually better, particularly jumping on bumps (haha, first time I ever made an actual reference to the true origin of the B&J term). You can very nicely power it up, aim for a little lump and then just "springboard" on it and sail up. I'm not much of a jumper, but this is actually something I noticed that is rather special on the quads. And there is not a trace of the sometimes a bit "smeary" twin fin feel where you may need to be careful with how you push the tail.

matyix 7th August 2009 03:42 PM

thanks Ola,

I'm pretty much convinced by now :) - I will have a Quad 76 for my 78-80 kilos that should be fine, I guess so. This board should take a 5.3 easy, right? Is that fair to say that where in the light wind conditions when I was planing with my EVO 80 I will with the Quad as well?

One particular place I am using my EVO (new Quad to be) is Mauritius / the wind here is light (18-20 knots), the current is very strong in the channel and the waves are logo - mast high the norm.


Ray Timm 7th August 2009 07:04 PM

Sailed my Quad 76 with a 5.7 the other day on fresh water. Wind was 15-20 knots. The board carried the sail better than I expected. Wind was onshore with waves 5-6' and overall I was very satisfied with the upwind performance. Later when the wind was a steady 20+ I changed to a 5.3. Granted the board likes that sail size better for my weight. If I had to take one board for 5.7 to 4.5 sails the Quad 76 is now my choice. Regarding speed and feeling sticky, when I first sailed the 76 it felt a little sticky when I was powered up on flat water, but as Ola has mentioned this sensation has disappeared. I think the reason I'm no longer feeling this is due to a slight change in my technique or stance. In the Columbia Gorge two weeks ago using a 5.0 I didn't have too many people passing me on any point of sail. In gybes the Quad also carries speed through the turn really well with one's weight further back than I expected. If I really push my weight forward on a turn in flat water its speed tends to drop more than if I'm a bit further back. The Evos, except for the 2007 model, were my favorite boards, but the Quad does everything as well and some things better.

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