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dominic72 4th August 2009 09:03 PM

Evo purchase tip
Hi guys (and especially OlaH!)

am about to buy a 2nd hand EVo and the option is between a 2007 in technora (comes rpetty cheap at some 380 euros) and a glittering 2009 Wood Carbon barely used. Both 80L, my weight 82 kg.

QUestion is: which shape is better and are there indeed any remarkable differences betweeen the two shapes in the 80L version?

given the Evo is being replaced by the Quad, should I not buy an Evo?

I am approaching wavesailing, learning my first jumps, did some down the line in Morocco under gudiance of Boujmaa's fellows but still got a lot to improve untile I am up to speed.

Tried the Evo WC and liked it a lot, but wondering if it's really worth the difference in price compared with the old 2007 technora aparte from almost 2 kilos in saved weight.

sailing in mainly mediterranean conditions (Italy, Greece, Corsica ...). lots of side-on and onshore stuff.


Ola_H 6th August 2009 04:56 AM

dominic72 6th August 2009 06:21 AM

thanks really Ola, I HIGHLY regard your advice! all the best -- domenico

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