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CornishAlex 9th August 2009 03:06 AM

87 Kg sailor quad 86 or 81?

I Have been sailing the Evo 83 since 2005 and since last year the Evo 80 (2009).

These board sizes have suited me great, as our location does sometimes get great down the line conditions, sometimes its cross on or bump and jump, but it is always very tidal and the wind is usually fairly gusty, whatever strength it is.

I am 6'4'', weigh in at 87 kg (and always have a full winter suit on as its UK so that adds some more weight!). Sails I use Ezzy 2009 Panther, 5.8, 5.3 and 4.7 (very, very rarely a 4.2 but thats never great wave riding here).

The best wave sailing we get is in lighter winds often hardly planning conditions, using the 5.8 or the 5.3.

I want to get a quad but I am sort of thinking I have a great board which is only one year I mad! Then again I love sailing in the waves and at 42 I need all the help I can get, the Evo took my wave sailing forwards really well so I am very keen to leap forward.

Which size (considering I have a 2009 80 Evo which I 'could' keep, although I could trade that on...........) do you guys think?

I have almost always only kept one active board as it helps the decisions at the beach and means I can get everything in my car rather than using a rack (lazy I know, but it helps as time is short with work and three kids blah di blah).

After looking hard at all the threads on the forums already, and watching the Quad site I am erring towards the 86 and keeping the Evo 80, but only just, so I would consider your views.


Ola_H 10th August 2009 02:20 AM

The EVO 80 is awesome and I can't count how many times I've recomended it to people that have come back super happy and likewise I cant count how many good waves I had on it myself.

But I really think that if you get a Quad the E80 will feel a little boring and will not be used much. So while more than one board is often nice, the risk is you end up wanting a smaller Quad too. And since you make a good argument about only having one board I would actually recommend getting a Quad 81. It's a bit narrower in the tail than the E80, but you still have the same volume for "pure sinking" and the fin power of the Quads more than make up for the missing tail width when it comes to both planing, upwind and keeping speed in the bottom turn (which may in fact be THE strong point of the Quads).

So, now I made your decision harder, right? And maybe robbed Starboard of a chance of selling you and extra Quad76 later.

The thing that would tip the scales over towards getting a Quad 86 is if you actually already feel the EVO 80 is on the small side for the sailing you do that is the most important to you. Then the E80+Q86 option would make a lot of sense. And after all, the introduction of Quads does not make the E80 ANY less good objectively speaking. And even if you would feel that way (relatively speaking) the Q86 will probably handle 4.7 super good too so you wouldn't "have to" revert to the E80 that many days.

Clearer now? Or just more confused?

CornishAlex 10th August 2009 04:28 AM

The 80 Evo has never really felt too small so I will go with that and stick to one board only and get the Quad 81 and sell my Evo 80, its hard though its such a good board! Anyone want a wood carbon 2009 Evo 80 going cheap let me know...............

Diggers 14th August 2009 10:44 AM

I have a similar question to Alex. I weigh about the same but have an '06 Evo 74 and an '06 Acid 86. Here in Wellington NZ I sail mostly in fairly windy, sometimes gusty cross-on conditions and occasionally down the line (when I get to Taranaki and back to Gnaraloo each year). Most of the time in Wellington I'm on an '08 Ezzy 4.7 or 4.2 and usually use the Evo, unless it's lighter or gusty, in which case I'll switch to the Acid and use a 5.2 or sometimes a 5.8. I've also got a Kona 10'5" for really light days when the waves are up.

I love the Evo, but sometimes it feels a bit small and sinky for me at 86kgs, especially when it's gusty. So I'm wondering whether I go for a Quad 81 and sell the Acid, and keep the Evo for super windy conditions when an 81 litre might be too big. Or do I keep the Acid for light winds and use the Quad in windier conditions?

Interested in your thoughts...

Ola_H 14th August 2009 05:24 PM

I think you can go either way (replace 74 with 76 or replace 86 with 81). I have not felt the Quads are less beneficial in high wind than they are in low wind.

But your message indicates that you seem to like riding the EVO the most. Then it will make sense to replace the A86. The Q81 will certainly handle light wind at least as well as the A86 by virtue of more fins (upwind etc) and more surface area, apart from when you are really standing absolutely still when it comes a point when volume counts.

And I think you can take the Q81 out in 4.2 weather too. I friend of mine who is your weight used my Q81 last time we had 4.2 winds and thought it handled super well.

Diggers 15th August 2009 04:16 AM

Hey thanks Ola. I was erring towards replacing the 86 for the 81 and keeping the 74, so you've helped me make that decision. Cheers.

Chris Pressler 16th August 2009 01:43 PM

Hi all,
I already got the chance to test the Quad wood carbon in 81 and 76. So much fun, definitely. I had a 4,7 Gator on. The 81 is for sure not smaller than the EVO 80, but has mor opportunities (upwind, speed, catching little waves, crossing white water). Was interesting, that I could use the 76 in the same wind aleady, but needed me to work a bit harder compared to the 81 which felt as a universal king. My weight right now is around 85 kg.
The QUAD feeling is a very young and fresh one. I would describe it as funboardsailing of the future with no limits,


NORTHY 21st August 2009 02:53 AM

I have a Evo 80, 70 and mistral twinzer 92....thinking of consolidating the 80+70 into a quad...but what size? im 83kg and find that the 70 although really great when planning can be (as today) a bit on/off for me when getting out thru the waves in cross-on...i guess im asking what quad would be more like a Evo 75?!!

Cheers as always,

Ola_H 22nd August 2009 02:52 PM

That would be the Q76. You will lose some high wind proficiency relative the E70 for sure, but despite that the Q76 is wider than the E75, to me it handles both high wind and a bit higher wave riding speeds a bit better than the E75. I would say it has a slightly harder ride through chop (in a straight line), but this is balanced by the fact that there is less fin leverage and that it has a more compact feel to it, easier to pin down. On the wave, at least for me, it beats the E75 in every aspect both when its super light and when its more powered up. Below is a pic from a few days ago, Q76 and 4.7 (@71kg).

ogie1154 26th August 2009 03:21 PM

I have a Evo 80, 70 and mistral twinzer 92....thinking of consolidating the 80+70 into a quad...but what size? im 83kg and find that the 70 although really great when planning can be (as today) a bit on/off for me when getting out thru the waves in cross-on...i guess im asking what quad would be more like a Evo 75?!!

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