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leysenkr 9th August 2009 02:14 PM

Kode <==> Quad
Which board do you recommend for which conditions?

Ola_H 10th August 2009 02:34 AM

With the Kodes, it depends a bit on size. If you keep the discussion to 68-80 which are pure wave boards it becomes easier. But still not black and white. I will elaborate:

If we go back to the EVOs, they were mostly considered boards for "bad" or "real world" wave sailing, ie not so good waves, not sideshore etc. Acids (now Kodes) were considered boards for the good conditions (bigger waves, sideshore etc). And indeed, those sets of conditions was where the the two respective boards felt the most at home. I often say that a good board is one that helps the sailor when he need it the most and EVOs really help make the most out of bad stuff while Kodes really help control things when it gets really good.

But the better you become as a sailor, the more it becomes an issue of style and taste than just of adapting a board to the condition. So sailors enjoyed EVOs in the most hardcore and "perfect" wave conditions there are like Maui or Cabo Verde. And other people ripped big time on Kodes in small messy cross on waves.

And that's where we are now. But with the Quads it becomes even more difficult (or easy depending on how you see it). In one sense they take over from EVOs and may be even better for the "bad" stuff. But on the pother hand they some things that can be amazing for the "perfect" stuff. At the same time the Kodes have become a littel bit looser and easier in bad stuff. So it's more than ever an issue about style. Of you want to have a classic rail carving feel, the Kodes are the way to go. If you want the best help in messy stuff, but also want to tap into phenomenal top turn grip and have the widest possible range of use, the Quads are what you should look at.

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