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Unregistered 10th August 2009 11:39 PM

SUP: Clydesdale, Technora vs Wood?
SUP is calling out to me.

212#, exercise paddling, low-wind cruising, a little low-wind surf sailing, a little SUP surfing..

Just blew $300 on a paddle.

Tried a few boards at the local dealer: 10 x 34, 12'6" x 30, 12' x 32".

10 x 34 felt the most lively, but I'm told it doesn't have the glide of the 12 x 32.

12 x 32 felt better to me than the 12'6" x 30, so that's probably the one.

But now I'm down to construction.

A big part of that 10 x 34's liveliness seemed tb it's extreme light weight (Technora).

OTOH, browsing the lit, I'm not seeing Technora and universal joint receptacle on the same pages.

Is there something about Technora that rules out use with a sail?

If not, can anybody ballpark the price/weight diff between Technora and wood for a 12 x 32?

PeteCress 12th August 2009 08:28 PM

To answer one of my own questions: It seems that for some reason the mast receptacle cannot be fit to a board with Technora construction.

Also, strangely, I checked a few Technora-vs-Wood prices on straight-up sail boards and it looked like Technora was about $250 *less* than Wood. ????

Philsurf 13th August 2009 07:37 AM

PeteCress, Post your questions on the SUP section of the web and John Hibbard or others should be able to help. I have experience on the 12' 6" Cruiser and 11' 2" Blend. Both are good for paddling, catching waves and Windsurfing. For my weight (225 lbs), Prefer the Cruiser for paddling, catching small waves and Windsurfing. For bigger waves, prefer the 11' 2". They are both Sport Tech.

PeteCress 19th August 2009 10:50 PM

I started a thread at which seems tb returning some pretty good info.

Starboard's Fora are difficult for this novice to navigate.

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