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Futura144NorskPFB 11th August 2009 03:56 PM

What fin size/modell for Futura 144?
Hi guys,

I started windsurfing last season with my Dad`s old Fanatic. This season I bought the Futura 144 wood + a Synergy rigg with a 7.3 sail + a Severne Focus 5.4. I`ve just started to learn how to jib both with my own board and my dad`s old one. The new equipment is far tighter and easier to control in heavvy seas. What puzzles me is when the Fanatic board is planing is is super stable, the Futura is fast to get in early planing but when I`ve gotten to a certain speed it starts to oscillate/vibrate uncontrolled from side to side and it makes me have to slow down to regain controll/stability.

The Fanatic has a pretty short fin I would guess maybe around 24cm and it is not straight but bent backwards and on my board I have the original fin that comes with the board, Drake R13 Race SL 48cm (twice the length and in a striaght shape) can this be the cause to my problems? Why? Any recommandations on which fin I should choose? In the catalogue they recommend 42-52cm...but I want to go even shorter, please help me out!

mike 11th August 2009 09:07 PM

What do you mean by heavy seas. If it's around 20 knots with chop then...

I'm guessing the old Fanatic is much narrower, thus designed for a smaller fin. The narrowness also cuts chop better. The Futura 144L is for light wind, big sails & prefers flat water & big fins. I'd say the 5.4 is simply too small - it's like trying to run your car in 1st gear at all speeds. The 7.3 may be on the smaller size but ok. For stronger wind & relatively small sail, move the sail forward in the mast track a bit to help keep the nose down. Skill & good aftermarket fin will increase the upper range of the board though the board will have it's limits in that when it gets too windy & choppy, it will be a handful inspite of fin size.

For other specific fin options, I'd suggest your best source is contacting directly a specialized fin dealer.

LK 12th August 2009 03:32 AM

What is your weight ? Looks like tail walking, fin too big. How much wind, when you are loosing control ?

Futura144NorskPFB 12th August 2009 04:10 AM

Hi Mike and LK, thanks for the response!

1.It happens from ca 15 knots wind.

2.My weight is 187 pounds. Yes, it feels like tail walking, loose control from ca 15 knots of wind. So you agree that the problem is the big fin? Why is such a big fin standard on a board like this do you think, and what kind of fin would you recommend in 25-30 knots?

LK 12th August 2009 05:41 PM

OK your weight is 85 kg. It is def. not tail walking with your weight and starting at 15 knots.
It’s a skill/technique question in my opinion.

I own a Futura 144 and have sailed a lot in everything from 10 to +30 knots flat-water, heavy chop side shore and onshore conditions. This fin is super fast, no spinout, best stock fin I have owned.

I guess you don’t get your weight off the board, standing too hard on the windward rail, or sheeting out to much. You have to sail the board flat. Get it planning a bit downwind, harness, straps, and sheet in by using your body weight, and tilt the rig back when gaining more speed. Lock the board with your feet in the straps, weight on your toes, not your heels. Then the board will free, fly on the fin and you go fast and stable; just trust the board and the fin. I think you are backing off, let it go even if it feels scary.

Sure 6,5 – 9 m2 sails are the best sizes, but I have sailed it with 5,4 and 5,0 wave sails on the stock fin and it worked OK.
Don’t think you need a smaller fin before you are close to 25 knots.
You own the best freeride/freerace board and stock fin you can buy.
Next fin size down 46 or 44 cm slalom or free slalom type, brand ? depends on how much money you want to spend.


Futura144NorskPFB 13th August 2009 03:42 PM


Thanks for a great response, I was hoping that it was lack in my own skills rather than the equipment. The weird thing was that my dad (been sailing since 80`s) also tried the board and experienced the very same thing...but I guess due to the emense progress that has taken place since the mid 80`s also the techniques of sailing has changed equally.

I am going surfing this afternoon, I will try to focus on those tips you gave me and post my feedback.

Thanks again!

chr 13th August 2009 11:27 PM

Futura144NorskPFB, where do you sail?

Futura144NorskPFB 14th August 2009 02:35 PM

CHR: As in what kind of conditions or geographically?

I live in Trondheim, Norway....surfspots: ōysand, Korsvika, Midtsand & Jonsvatnet.

chr 15th August 2009 05:55 PM


where you sail geographically, just wondered whether you sailed near us guys who race in DrÝbak, south of Oslo. Sounded like you could benefit from riding with others.

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