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Trine 7th November 2006 04:46 PM

Advice reg buying my 1. Starboard
I live in Norway, Grimstad. I need advice regarding buying my first Starboard. I neeed a board for freeriding and cruising. I am on the progressive level, woman, 40 years, 68kg. I windsurf three times a week, just for fun. I do not need a board for competing. I need a board with daggerboard so I can also cruise around among our beautiful small islands.
Is Go Express or Hybrid carve a good option for me?
They both have daggerboard.
Or do you have other options?
Very thankful for advice.

Kerstin 14th November 2006 04:14 PM

RE: Advice reg buying my 1. Starboard
Hi Trine,
if you are looking for a board with daggerboard I would recommend the RIO S. Th eboard has the lenght of a funboard you will use in some months if you sail three times a week, but is wide enough (85.5 cm). You can use a wide sailrange, but the jump on a board with less volume will not be hard.
WIth the hybrid carve you will have fun, too. The board is also fast, if you are not planning and has great upwind qualities. The EXPRESS II from 2005 could be a cool choice, do not decide for the Express from 2004. This one is a bit too wide for you (100cm) out of my view . Decide in between the RIO S and the Hybrid Carve (82 cm wide) or perhaps the EXPRESS II (a lot of volume).
What??s about the average windforce at your homespot? How is the watersurface (flat, choppy)? Keep me updated!
Enjoy it,

Kerstin Reiger

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