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Kevin Pritchard 13th August 2009 10:49 PM

Day 4 in Turkey
Well today was move it or loose it day and I really wanted to put the pressure on myself and come up with some good results. In my book I have been doing not very well and it was time to step it up. Today we started off with great wind and had a couple windy races. It was solid 18 to 20 knots on my Gaastra 7.6 with my 42cm Deboichet SL4 fin on my 111 Isonic. For some reason today I just had it. I had more speed, better starts and was in the grove. I really didn't change much, I did raise my boom up about 3cm and maybe that was it. For me it made the board a little lighter on the water and not so sticky. In this flat water I think you need a bit more lift than you do control so that might have helped a bit. The other thing that really helped was a boat favored starting line. You might say, "Kevin wants a boat favored start" well, It was nice cause there wasn't 8 guys all down at the pin. Today the line was even. People were starting at the boat and coming first to the mark, and guys were starting at the pin and coming to the mark in first. It was much much better, cause it make it for a less all or nothing start. I often wonder if when it is super pin favored and everyone is fighting for the pin to go for the boat? I just do a lot better with clean wind.

It is also nice to see Dunkerbeck miss a final here and there. Not that I want him to miss a final, but that guy is so solid and so fast, that it makes me feel a bit better when I see him have a bad day. It just goes to show how dang tough it is. Same with Micah, and other super fast guys. It is rough here in Turkey with that flat water.

In the first elimination, I got a good start and came to the mark in third. I got to watch Finian and Albeau battle it out and almost go down in one gybe which could have left the door open for me. I sailed a good race and finished third. The next round, I did very good on the same equipment, 7.6/ 42/ 111 and finished in 2nd. Not too bad for me. I moved up a couple in the rankings but still not where I want to be. Tomorrow is another key day and I need to keep the focus.

My trainer sent me a nice quote..

"The same way we build biceps through training is how the mind responds to doses of stress and targeted directions. You want to train the mind to be very focused and present-centered, so you are very much in the moment. You can stimulate the ability to pay attention and restrict distraction in what you're doing. It is very challenging. You can lose concentration for any number of reasons." Jim Loehr

ZegeVele73 2nd December 2009 09:49 AM

Day 4 in Turkey
They came out nice. Very vintage looking. It was like 200 degrees on my wedding day and it was in March and supposed to be springtime

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