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Unregistered 14th August 2009 06:26 PM

Evo 80. High wind B+J ???
Looking for a (very) high wind bump and jump board. Weight 100k ; tried Evo 92 but too wide. Thinking Acid 86 but have chance of Evo 80. (mint and good price). How would Evo 80 cope bearing in mind my weight and strong winds I`m using it in ??? (4.5 and below)

Ola_H 14th August 2009 07:38 PM

As a high winder for someone your weight I think it would work very well. B&J are not normally the preferred mode for the EVOs, but when you downsize them in the way an 80 would be downsized for you it works well. The wide platform will carry you even in some wind holes, but you will still have something compact and good handling when super powered up.

Unregistered 14th August 2009 08:53 PM

Thanks Ola for quick response. Thought same myself but 80 litres just sounds so small for 100k but did find 92 too big for conditions I was using it in.
Will give it a go !!

Ola_H 15th August 2009 05:14 AM

Yes, 80 sound small, but the EVO 80 is really like a thinned out 85 or even 90 liter board so as long as your moving along I think it will work. Please report how it goes.

crash151 20th August 2009 03:58 AM

How about to evo 75 08?
Iam 73-60kg, will it be to big for me in high wind conditions? Will it be ok for like 20-30knots?

Screamer 20th August 2009 04:47 AM

Both poster #1 and Crash151

I would hate to contradict a much better sailor than me (Ola), but I wouldn't buy an Evo over the Acid just because it's cheaper. I believe most b/j sailors (not all) would prefer an acid by far in very high winds ang ugly water (unless you'll actually _ride waves_). Try and compare if possible.

Ray Timm 20th August 2009 07:10 PM

I've sailed nearly every version of the Evo 70, 74-75, and 80 and the Acid, Pure Acid and Kode in 74 to 80 liters. In some cases I favored the Evo for B/J and others, especially the Acid 80, I found the Acid or Pure Acid better. Some of the favoritism is due to familiarity and the type of feeling one expects from the board. There has been some blurring of the distinction between the two types of boards. The Evo 75-09 is a much better down the line board than the first Evo 74 and the Kodes have some of the characteristics of the Evos in them that the early Acids didn't have. I don't think you would be disappointed with the Evo 80. As Ola says, it sails bigger than an 80 when going through holes. You need at least an Acid/PA/Kode 86 to get the same range.

Unregistered 20th August 2009 08:43 PM

and to qualify that by no means am i the best sailor, BUT i have an sailed the evo , kode and kombat in maui this spring from kanaha kai ,
the evos just too rockered a board.
i mean one "can" use it , but is it the best for that purpose in the starboard lineup, my opinion is no .
try and buy another board if you can.

to add i also preferred the acid in big winds (4.2 sail, i am 85 kgs )to the evo,
I more marginal winds I liked the kode better as i am not a very accomplished wave sailor and it hit the mark for a mix of high speed blasting some wave riding and jumping.


Unregistered 21st August 2009 03:11 PM

Thanks for advice; contradictory advice is helpful as it does point out pitfalls as well as benefits.
Bit confused however as its pointed out Evo is more highly rockered board of the two mentioned. (Acid/Evo)
Thought higher rocker increased control in gnarly conditions ?

A mate reckons Evo one size smaller will give same control as Acid ??
(ie Evo 80 on a par with Acid 86 ???)
Think best bet is to try it !!! (Got Evo 80 now but not used it in condition mentioned )
Thanks anyhow .

Screamer 24th August 2009 01:58 AM

Hey guest
None of the advice above is the definite answer. So your mate and Ola may be right when they say downsized Evo = Acid (wrt control).
Just to note that more rocker doesn't have to translate to more control, there are other factors at work, like width and tail width, bottom shape, rail shape, etc. When I looked for high wind b/j board (no waves at all) I listened to what Gorge or Tarifa sailors had to say (for example).

Happy sailing

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