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Kevin Pritchard 16th August 2009 03:41 PM

Turkey Event Over
I have mixed feelings about my result. I was happy to pick it up in the last couple days and I really feel like I improved and learned a few things to get going faster in that light wind stuff. The only thing that bothers me is that I didn't find my speed a bit earlier and I blew a couple high wind races by not being on the right size stuff. Chalk it up to expirience and learn from it. I was happy to get my gear tuned up and going well.

For the last two days we had no wind and that is always stressful. We were on the edge and the race crew did a great job by sticking to the minimus and waiting for proper conditions. But this is really hard for the compteitors. We are on hold all day with 15 minute announcements, with your carrer in the hands of the wind.. This is our lively hood and every place counts, every point, every penny, everything! Maybe I put too much pressure on it but I guess my desire to win is unsatisfied when I dont. I know I can do it, I just need to put it together.. Congrats to Antoine, Finian, and Bjorn, they did a good job and worked hard for it.

I managed to move into 3rd overall for the year for the racing which was good for me after starting in 8th this year and slowly ticking away at getting up on the podium for the end of the year!

Now I am off for a couple weeks. We have some new Gaastra Sails to test back at home and other than that, time to get ready to fight for the Sylt Crown.

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