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Screamer 17th August 2009 11:52 AM

"Starboard iSonics took the top 3 places of the PWA Overall Slalom ranking in 2008. Over the last two seasons, every event was won on an iSonic, under the feet of Kevin Pritchard, Bjorn Dunckerbeck and Antoine Albeau. Antoine never won a single PWA Slalom event until he switched to iSonics. Bjorn hasn't won a single event since then either, until he too switched to iSonics last August." etc.....

Is it just me, or this sound a bit ..... strange (to say it politely).

Don't get me wrong, I like Starboard boards, and use 3 at the moment, iS is one of them. But they are still using ex team rider AA in their marketing? Let's see:

1. Not one pwa event this season was won "on iSonics under the feet of Starboard riders"
2. AA is consistently beating everyone on JP boards (I guess he would do the same on ANY boards)
3. Bjorn is far from his old "terminator" self. He will fight for third this year.

I can easily see how some sailors can be put off by the above (and this is from an old Starboard customer).
The results aren't speaking for themselves any more.
So tone it down, please.

Floyd 17th August 2009 03:06 PM

There has always been a tendency for Starboard to be optimistic with their claims; I really dont think they have to be this way at all. Their products (and results) can speak for themselves. Read through website and there are other examples.IMHO its becoming damaging to Starboard. Agree with Screamer totally.

viking 17th August 2009 03:15 PM

This has been already widely debated in the "July 1st" topic

When I read the post from Screamer, it looks that many people have been shocked by the "AA has never won before joigning Starboard" that was totally inadequate and insulting for a great Champion. But OK, it was a mistake and I think it won't be repeated in the future.

But glad to see that windsurfing is a sport where it is still the rider that makes the result!

Floyd 18th August 2009 02:49 PM

Just a mistake !!! No it was BS !!! But you are right Viking ;no problem we should be used to it.Our sport is full of it !!!

Boards that cant be measured objectively; stats that are wrong; sail sizes that are wrong. Corrupt magazines/tests/advertising.Year on year claims for improved kit. List is endless !!!

Its exactly the reason why so few people are coming into the sport. They think they just have to buy so much gear !!!! Look on some posters list of "Toys" on end of posts on threads. Whats that about. ???

mim 18th August 2009 05:05 PM

Hey Floyd,

the marketing is a bit too much I agree. But i wanted to make a small note on the list of the material of some posters...

I added it that everybody can see what I am riding and if anybody is interested in my opinion on what I ride he can contact me directly and not write post on please help on this and that...because there is at least every week a new thread asking a question that has already been answered many times.

So that was just shortly why to mention what toys each one of us is actually riding...just that you can know how relieble are the answers.

Have a good day on the water!
Ciao Michal.

Floyd 18th August 2009 06:32 PM

Manufacturers realised years ago there was just not the mass market to sell us just one or two boards.They actively promote us to buy as many as possible and as frequently as possible. (look at Quad revolution !!!Twinzers last year !!!) To my mind some of us just play straight into this and then actively promote the situation by listing "The Toys" on here. I`ve been posting on here years and it was the sponsorerd sailors who started the trend; and for a reason.To normalise owning 5 boards !!! Great marketing!!!
Its exactly why there are so few newcomers to sport !!!
Newcomers look at investment/return ratio and go away and buy a jetski !!! Its cheaper !!!
Have you seen what second hand boards are worth !!!(Not worth really)
I came to WS (in 1981) to get away from complexity of racing dinghies. We now have more kit than any racing dinghy.
Fine if it suits you but its just not relevant to be publishing all your "toys" on here.
Its just another part of the hype/BS.. We just play our part like good consumers without even realising we are been manipulated.

As I said our sport is endemic with BS...

Do you really need 5 boards to get max TOW/enjoyment ???

The boards we own/sail have nothing to do with the accuracy/helpfullness of posts ???

mim 18th August 2009 09:51 PM


I will just correct some points here.

I made the decision to buy the boards and I paid them. On the other hand...I am not so stupid to buy any new in the next few years.

Secondly...I know a lot of people new to windsurfing some of them tried it once with me and they do not share my policy and they are the typical one or two board surfers...and that is allright (in fact I am minority around here at my place)...I have more TOW because of my biggest slalom boards...and I would say factor 2 more (excluding holidays where you usualy rent material)

The smallest slalom I have I had on the water not so often at home...but once I go for a trip it is the most ridden board...because I go where the wind blows (and suprisingly I like riding slalom boards...and i know it because for two years I were on freerider on holidays and I just find the feeling different and the slalom one I like a bit more).

The PureAcid...that is the only bad choice I did about a board...I would have the range covered with the EVO easily...but I bought the evo after PA as soon as I realised I can't ride the PA so often...and as you said to sell it it would be a big economical loss for me so why would I do it?

And If you don't like the list of my is your problem! I like my boards, all of them ... I find them extremely expensive but right now I have the money and in a pretty short time I will I rather bought them when I had ebough and when there is not enough I will stick with necessary minimum.

And finally I mostly do agree with you in the marketing problem...but your arguments on newcomers are wrong...usually you do not start a sport because you decide to...someone have to introduce you...your friend, parents, TV spot or I don't what...

If you see children or young people taking courses on some big rental places...surely nobody is telling them...hey try it but be aware that you will have to own 5 personal opinion is that the sport is way more difficult than other...just like kitting...every kiter tells you after a weekend course of kitting you can ride both directions (planning speed) and make turns...when you think about windsurfing you will be very good to learn it in two weeks (and it is extremely optimistic...and people does not have the patience) and for learning you must have a big board...and when I was talking about my friends (one board surfers)...they all have 100-110 liter boards...for a beginer forget it!!!

I know one (he has a patience problem)...learned on a big board (180 liters) and as he got back from haliday...without asking he bought a board 110 liter...I was with him once on the water...after 10 minutes he gave up...this is not about the what you are trying to tell me.

--> JETSKI is easy, windsurfing is a hell of a different story, and that is what it makes good!

PS: by the way what it is that you want more people in windsurfing...I find the sport absolutely the best when the beach is not crowded at all...friend yes but only a couple of them!

Ciao Michal.

Floyd 18th August 2009 10:35 PM

Calm down !!!
Nobody said anything about not liking your boards our asking you to justify your choices. I have one of boards mentioned !!! And lots more besides.
Point is why on earth do folk have to proclaim it to rest of world.????
Are your answers any more relevant if you own a Isonic ??? Of course they are not. You are simply continuing a tradition started by Starboard themselves !!!
Sport has developed to point where we need a different board (or Starboard like us to think we do) for every windstrength and water condition; and if you dont do this you are missing out on some aspect. Which is BS.

Its becoming almost a fashion item !!!!

Shall I list my wetsuit and fins and booms ??? And my 17 sails ????

Its merely another example of BS the sport can well do without !!!!

GasGas 300/Westfield Sport/Fireblade ????? Oh and a cart load of winndsurf gear dating from 1987 to present !!!! Including a couple of Starboards !!!!

mim 19th August 2009 12:54 AM

Hi Floyd,

I answered the question but it might got lost in all the writing. I write it because that way people can easily see which my answers on the forum are reliable and which are suggestions...

It mean if I answer on real volume of iSonic 122 and that for me it is a semisinker...I have experience about it. If I write something similar about might not be exactly spot on...that is all!

In fact I thought it will help the people here to sort all the info contained in the forum.

By the way, I do not think you need different boards for for different conditions (not that much)...but I find a difference between slalom and freeride (I compare now a JP x-cite ride and iSonic...and there is the difference big)...and than it is your choice what board and how many do you want/need.

Ciao Michal.

Screamer 19th August 2009 02:25 AM

Calm down guys, I usually enjoy reading your posts, and I can see what is it that's upsetting Floyd. A ton of gear can be offputting for beginners, but that's not the only reason for ws not being a mass sport.
On the other hand, if you do want to enjoy to the max and optimize for specific conditions, and want to sail from 2bf to 8bf gales, then you need AT LEAST 3-4 boards, if not more (and that's not taking into account different disciplines - you can race slalom or shred waves in the same winds trength). Look at all the different gear sport fishermen (or photographers) have - it's up to you to choose.

Fair winds

Edit: So Floyd, I know where you're coming from. But the answer to your question "Do you really need 5 boards to get max TOW/enjoyment ???" is maybe no and maybe yes. Depending on what you want and so many other factors.

But back to bashing *board for less than convincing marketing tactics ;-)))))))))))))

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