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G 17th November 2006 01:02 AM

Hallo Remi,
what's the best starting set up of the board?
Footstraps,mastbase,hearness lines,boom height and sail trim (does it need a sail that "frees" or not??).
Please consider that I'll sail it powered by RS5 and R17S+5 and Birdi TBM +4
I've already ordered an R19S- +8 as suggested.

Thank you

G 18th November 2006 05:39 PM

RE: F161
Another question is:
which is the right footstraps sense?
I mean,if you look at them you have to read "Starboard" from the rail or from the centre of the board?
I'm asking it NOT because of look problem but for functionality (they're not symmetrical to their longitudinal axis center).
Thank you

Remi 18th November 2006 06:36 PM

RE: F161
Hi G,

This is my actual trim :

Footstraps all the way in the back and outside.
Mast base, this depend of your sails but for me with my Code Red 11m 1cm behind the middle of all the mast track.
Boom heught with a X9 boom : Chin
The R17 s + 5 doesn't deliver enough power up wind for this board, really dificult to drive over the water with that one. You really need the new R19. I don't know the Birdi.
For the foostraps, you have to read them from the center;

All the best

G 18th November 2006 08:09 PM

RE: F161
Thank you Remi for your answer.
Do I have to sell my R17S+5 at all or may I use it in some particular wind/water condition?
And,right now (till I'll get the R19) is it better going on Drake provided fin or my R17?
I hope to have some board feedback tomorrow.

thank you

G 19th November 2006 11:48 PM

RE: F161
OK,first little feedback.
Wind 6-12 kns gusty and shifty,flat water,rs5 10,7,r17s +5,boom chain,mastbase 1 cm behind centre,footstraps all the way back.
Do you want some more?!!!

bubi 20th November 2006 02:50 AM

RE: F161
any expierience f161 with deboichet custom hard (stiffness)?
best regards


G 21st November 2006 03:26 AM

RE: F161
Hi Remi,
from what I've seen in the first test (you can read the condition and the trim in the post above) the board tends to stay very low on the water and it does need to push hard to keep the nose up and riding fast and free.
It means that the R17 doesn't fit this board fine when so light (as you earlier stated) althought I kept planning as never done before (I was on 10,7!).
I couldn't test the provided fin because it flipped in the box and no time to fix it.
Now I have a question about fin rake (R19).
I guess it is strictly correlated to sail model and brand to sailor weight and to mast base position. Am I right?
I mean,if we use a more forward raked fin we obtain a bigger power for pushing the tail and keep the nose up,we can use a smaller sail (in the a given wind) and going at the same angle and we can move a bit back the mast base.Does it correct? If yes, it will happen if the sailor is able to strong push the fin!
But, what about if it doesn't happen?! I guess that a fin like this will slow down the board. Please correct me if I wrong,I wish learn here.
So what's better for a med weight sailor good trained (around 80 kg) a +8 or a more "human" and faster +6 ?
Thank you

But,what about board speed?
I think that in light wind a +8 is the way to go but what about when 15 kns or more?

Remi 21st November 2006 08:25 AM

RE: F161
Hi G,

I develope this fin since last december with Patrick who is 78 kgs and for us the Rake + 8cm is the perfect one even over 15 knots. But please notice that we are faster with a R 13 medium rake + 8 over 20 knots.
The R17 is definetely not really good for this board, you will ride higher even with the Drake R19, but less nervous.

Hope you will receave soon your R19 soft-- rake +8cm to see the differents.

All the best

gl 28th November 2006 01:45 PM

RE: F161
Hello Remi,
I follow your recommendations and understand that R19S-- is best option for upto 15 knots. What is recommended fin for 20 knots and above in choppy conditions?
You wrote:"But please notice that we are faster with a R 13 medium rake + 8 over 20 knots."

What about R19 M? I understand that there are 2 options to improve control in stronger winds:
1) Reduce rake (to e.g. 6+)
2) Go for stiffer fin.

What is better option in your opinion? Maybe just R19S (without --) is sufficient?

Thank you in advance

Remi 28th November 2006 05:56 PM

RE: F161
Hi Gl,

Actually I prefer the R13 medium rake + 8 but + 6 can be good for lighter racers. I have a beter glide due to less surface in the tip, but only over 20 knots.

All the best

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