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Marko CRO169 18th August 2009 07:23 PM

Carbon iSonics - weight?
What about WoodCarbon iSonics' weights?! There are still "TBA" marks next to WoodCarbon boards in the table? Are there any data around for iS111 and iS121 2010 models?

Remi 19th August 2009 07:40 AM

Hi Marko,

I it too early to publish it, this will be update on the web as soon we will have enough boards to make the average weight. Thanks for your understanding.

All the best

Marko CRO169 19th August 2009 02:07 PM

Is it at least possible to get an informal assessment of your expectations in this regard, e.g. 0.5 kg lighter compared to the wood ones, more, less ... please give us some orientation? Thanks!

Jean-Marc 20th August 2009 04:16 AM


Check this out from last year's comment made by Sven Rasmussen :

Something between 150-300 gr weight gain for carbon vs wood iSonics.



Marko CRO169 20th August 2009 05:08 PM

Thanks Jean-Marc,

After reading the comment by Sven, one is to reasonably conclude that there is no point in buying woodcarbon iSonics as Sven clearly says they are slower (!) than woodies, and that the woodcarbon technology has more effect and advantages for wave and freestyle boards than slalom.

So why to pay more for less performance (?) maybe one gets more in low-wind but ultimately gets less across the range ... tell me if I am wrong !


Remi 20th August 2009 06:30 PM

Hi Marko,

This comment as you see come from last year, since this we change the lay up and make a special combination with the Carbone and wood. The result is very interesting, we keep the good confort and control of the wood but with the carbone we get also rigidity who helps for the acceleration and planning (iSonic 94, 101 & 111)
The iSonic Special Speed, 86 Slim & 86 stay in full wood because we didn't get any avantage with the carbone, we have even less control.
But for the iSonic 121, 131 & 144 who are light wind boards, you will have the bottom and deck in full carbone + a vertebral wood on the deck to absorbe a minimum the vibration.
So as you can see, we study over more than one year all the benefits of the wood and carbone to found the right combination for each wind condition.
Hope this help.

All the best

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