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erik 18th August 2009 07:39 PM

fin advice for 101 and 133
Hi Kevin,

Could you give me your advice for a my new fins range.
I problebly will order the select elite S07 ben v/d steen layup ( don,t know if you know the type of fin?)\
Or is the so9 a better option?
I sail the evo 2's and my weight is 94 kg and sail on a lake with gusty conditions.

For the 101(2009):
min/max for my 6.2 (choppy conditions)
min/max for my 7.0 ( choppy conditions)
min/max for my 7.8

For the 133(2009):
min/max for my 7.8
min/max for my 8.6

thanks and good luck on the tour, i'm a big fan.

p.s. how is your brother recovering from his ingeries (sorry for my bad english spelling)

Greetings from holland,


Papounet 19th August 2009 05:27 PM

SO6 don't exists.

SO3 => 2003/04
SO5 => 2005/06
SO7 => 2007/.. Power ( Between Deb SL2 and SL1 )
SO9 => 2009/.. Glide ( less than Deb SL4 )

Normaly :
SO7 for the 133 => 48
SO9 for the 101 => 34 & 38

Kevin Pritchard 31st August 2009 05:44 AM

Sorry, I dont know anything about the Select. Most people are using the Debiochet SL 4's

My Brother is doing quite well. He windsurfed the other day so that is progress.

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