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CornishAlex 27th August 2009 02:42 PM

Changing your sailing style Evo to Quad
Hi Guys

Got an 81 Quad this week and had the happy combination of good wind and waves to test it yesterday, cross shore.

Great session, great board, well done again to Starboard.

The question is this having ridden the Evo for 6 years I am used to its style. The Quad did feel very different. I have read the reviews and threads and certainly the Quad does everything they say it does. But if I was pushed I would have said I would have been 'more comfortable' sailing the EVO 80. I realise this is because it is a new board style so I want and need to tweak my sailing to get the most out of the Quad.

Can you give us a few small pointers as to the differing technique needed to get the most out of it and then I can try those out.


Ola_H 27th August 2009 04:52 PM

It I a bit difficult since when we come to the finer points of "board feel" it depends a lot on the style of the sailor. Personally, while I do appreciate the differences, I think I sail EVOs and Quads in a rather similar way.

So can you maybe try to indicate a little bit more when you felt was differerent. Straight line sailing, like planing, upwind work etc. And on the wave: bottom turns? Tightening up the turn? Top turns (carving, hitting the lip etc). Something else?

Based your comment I can then hopefully understand more and give you some tips.

Chris Pressler 27th August 2009 07:37 PM

Hi Alex,
I guess you better can catch waves, easier, also if they are smaller and change a wide turn in a shorter one much quicker or the other way around. You can play much harder with the sail and get into waves from different angles. I felt it easier to pass white water sections and taking pockets of the waves in a high position of the wave. It felt lik ethe board wanted to accelerate even in the whitewater. When sailing straigt I had more tension on my lines and came closer to the water with my body.


CornishAlex 28th August 2009 05:57 PM

Thanks for those posts.

I had another session this morning, before going out I noticed the two center fins were very very loose (on the verge of falling out!). I tightened those up and that has made a huge difference! (I rang the shop when I got back just so they knew, and they said someone else had rung in yesterday and had to do that after the first session out on their Quad 86 - the shop having fitted the fins themselves on both boards and tightened them to what they thought was enough - anyway there is some feedback there for you guys out there).

Today I would say I would not have wanted to be on the EVO (given a choice that is, the EVO still is a great board).

Chris I also found myself closer (occasionally slapping the water) current harness lines are 30 inch so I am thinking of shortening those to 28's (I am 6'4"). Have you tried this?

Would I also be right in thinking I may have to slightly adjust the sail choice (downwards). The board planes very well and tracks up very easily and it therefore seems it does not necessarily need so much sail as the EVO (we sail in a very gusty place so half the session you can be overpowered and half underpowered!!).

Guys check those fins are tight if you get a new one!

Ola_H 28th August 2009 11:57 PM

OK, so all issues solved then? Great. As Chris indicates one thing that can be surprising at first is the boards tendency to keep speed and even accelerate in the (bottom) turn. To use this effect, you might wanna stay a bit more centered over the board (or forwards) rather than lean back.

As for the "water touch effect", that isn't really anything I experienced. And I use fairly long lines (30") and still run the boom comparatively low these days. But on the 76 and 81, you do stand quite far back on the board, so if you run your mast foot in the usual place, the boom will sort of appear lower since you lean the mast back more, I guess.

Sail choice. I've sailed the Quads both overpowered and underpowered, and I think they handle both well. So it is essentially up to you if you will use this wide range to go big or small with the sail. Personally I tend to "trim" the sail size a bit according to the conditions with smaler sails in better waves and bigger sails in onshore etc.

Chris Pressler 30th August 2009 06:15 PM

Hi Alex,
I use 30" lines, but have realtively long arms and waist. Being closer to the water I felt as a positive thing. Really fun. And the sail still was upright. I also could sail the boom quite low and used the same sailsize, like on the EVO 80 in the session before. But realised getting into planing a bit earlier. Sure, there are 4 fins under the tail.
I really enjoyed landing airjibes. Was so easy. Like you play puzzle and you put the right piece into it.
Have fun.


CornishAlex 31st August 2009 02:21 AM

Thanks guys for all the replies, keep up the good work, I will go out and apply..........!

sailpower 31st August 2009 08:01 PM

I try my 81 this week end too. Very good planning like acid/kode, good upwind ( easy and good upwind angle). Just find the top end speed of the board is limited (of course with 4 fins...) and the appel of jump is less easy that on a twin or single fin.
In surf quad looks like give a lot of grip and is more directional than evil.
I wait better conditions for test more in surf.

CornishAlex 2nd September 2009 10:34 PM


Sailed the quad yesterday with boom slightly lower - good tip that seemed more comfortable for me.

I tried sailing with the mast track right to the front which was great for control (it was overpowered and flat no waves yesterday). Any thoughts on how it sails for you guys forwards or to the back?

Also I have just noticed the rear Surfinz are adjustable forwards and backwards, have you got any feedback on what effect does this have to the riding style to the front or to the rear?

Thanks again for all your thoughts

Ola_H 3rd September 2009 01:51 AM

I only did some preliminary testing with moving the fins, but it seems like the board get a bit looser with them forwards and more tracky with them further back. I just normally put them in the middle since I have not experienced anything I like to change. Might start to play with it more when I'm more tuned into the board.

Mast track. I run it right in the middle in all conditions and with all sails. I sometimes move the boom up and down 1 cm or so depending on conditions. And in fact, I prefer it a little bit higher in choppy windy stuff. I think this gives me more control of how I load up the board, so I can take load off the front which gives me a smoother ride. I never have problems with the nose "flying" anyway. But all this is very, very individual.

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