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mark newman 3rd September 2009 02:40 AM

Deb SL4 stiffmess 2
Hi Kevin,

I have bought 30cm & 34cm SL4s for 2009 ISonic 94, 86 & W53.
What rigidity are you using - rigidity NR 2 stiff or flexible rigidity 1?
What differnce is there betweeen them when sailing?

Have you tested the SL5 any more is there any time they are better?
Designed for rough water & strong wind?


Kevin Pritchard 10th September 2009 10:42 PM

I like the sl 4's the best. I have been using the rigity number 1 but i think the number 2 is good for the less technical riders. The number 2 is better if you have a powerful sail and push hard on the fin that allows it to not spin out. I have been using the SL4 now for three years and I know the fin pretty well.


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