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mark newman 3rd September 2009 02:54 AM

Remi - Deb? Stiffness?
Hi Remi

I have bought 30cm & 34cm SL4s for 2009 ISonic 94, 86 & W53.
What rigidity are you using - rigidity NR 2 - stiff or flexible - rigidity 1?
What differnce is there betweeen them when sailing? On flat water or chop, square or broad, overpowered?

Have you tested the SL5 any more against SL4i when is one better than the other?


Remi 6th September 2009 09:23 AM

Hi Mark,

It's depend of your weight, basicly the 1 is for the light guys and 2 heavy ones. But also it's depend of your style. If you like to use soft fins even your are heavy this work also.

My choice and most oif the riders go for the 2, but again depend of your weight.

Yes I try many times the SL5 this fin are amaising on this board but for hard choppy condition only, if it's acceptable I stay on SL4.

All the best

mark newman 7th September 2009 01:56 AM

Thanks Remi,

What is the difference in feel & performance between the rigid & flexible version?

I am 95kg, do you think I am better off with the rigid type?
I have "NR2" Is this the rigid version?

I have been using Techtonics Falcons before which I guess are more flexible.
Is the rigid version the standard?

Thanks again

Remi 7th September 2009 06:01 AM

Hi Mark,

At this weight, no doubt go for the rigidity 2.

Their is no standard world wide for the fins so impossible to say that this fin are more softer or more rigide before to test.

Enjoy your board and have fun.

All the best

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