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cpt miki 3rd September 2009 07:12 PM

Sail board combo recommendation
Hi there!

I want to buy a sail/board combo for my girlfriend. she is nicely progressing from the big beginner boards now to my 125l, and we were thinking about buying her own freeride kit that should cover 10 or 12-20 knots range (lower range is more important), that planes early, and is not tooooo technical to sail, and feels relatively light (sail)?
What are your suggestions for somebody who is 162cm (5'4'') and 50 kg (110 pounds)?

I was thinking something in the range of around 105-110l, and some freestyle/freeride sail of 6,5 or 7 sq m.... is this overkill, would you suggest a bigger/smaller board? bigger/smaller sail? What are your recommendations?
looking forward to your input!

thanks a lot

cpt mik

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