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eolos77 3rd September 2009 09:17 PM

A question about QUAD FINS
Hello there :)

I am about to purchase a QUAD 81 and need some information regarding the fins.
I can see from the STARBOARD website presentation that the back fins connect to the board with the old school surfing "honeycomb system". I am wondering if this system will be strong enough against the pressure of a high jump landing for example.
Another question is about the choice of the fin length upon the order. Will i be able to purchase the board with the fin length of my choice? For ex. 14-11 instead of 15-12...

Thanks in advance,
Kostas GRE

Ola_H 4th September 2009 12:47 AM

The rear fins will surely hold up also to jumping. The tabs (that go into the board) are in fact full fibreglass on these fins. Hitting a rock might be something else though and with some bad luck might break the fin off (which might happen with any fin system, of course). The upside is that it is typically very easy to find replacements since this is a normal surf fin.

As for fin choice, unless you make a deal with your dealer, you have to go with the sizes supplied which for the 81 is 16+11. This has always been a dilemma. Either we supply fins and then the buyer get a good well tested setup, but on the other hand those with special needs might end up with a set they dont want. Or we don't supply and many customers might end up geting fins that don't work so well or simply get dissapointed that the boards are not ready to use out of the box. Generally, what you pay for a fin that is delivered with the board is a LOT less than what a similar aftermarket fin cost. But on the slalom boards Starboard this year elected to not deliver them with fins. But I don't think this will happen with wave boards.

In any case, there is a 15cm front fin (original on the Q76) that you might wanna get. And a 13cm has just been released too. So there are options. But based on my own sailing of both the 81 and the other Quads, I think the 16+11 setup suits the board very well. It looks like a lot of fin, but it feel good once on the water.

Do you have some special reason to want a smaller fin setup than 16+11?

eolos77 4th September 2009 08:44 PM

Actually, yes i do... I am 85 Kgr and don't want to be overpowered in 6+ Bft. That is why I asked you if there is a possibility to choose smaller fins.
I want to replace my 2 wave boards with the QUAD 81.
I have a 69lt, a 79lt and a 91lt. I am using a lot the 91. The 79 is very stiff and gets really late to get into planning (its a JP Polakov board 2003 model). The 69 is an exceptional board but i use it in 8Bft and again its very small for my weight to work properly under my feet.

Is QUAD 81 a good choice for sailing in Greek onshore conditions and for highwind open sea crossover?

Thanks again
Kostas GRE

Ola_H 7th September 2009 06:19 PM

The Quad work well also for onshore and open sea crossover, but in such conditions a Kode also rips - maybe more in fact. If you want to replace your two smaller boards, something like the Kode 80 is definitely also worth considering for the conditions you describe.

As for the Quads, if it is the 69+79 you're replacing (ie you will keep the 91) then the Q76 is also an alternative. I think it will easily feel big enough to replace the JP 79 and in high wind it has a better chance of competing with that 69liter boards than the Q81 has. I think the stock fin setup will work well for most winds, but for truly nuking conditions you may wanna order a spare set of 13cm front fins. In fact, I used the Q66 in up to 45 knots mean wind this friday and it felt a bit stiff with the 15+11 setup I used. This was ridiculously windy stuff, not just your "normal" powered up 3.7 day, but even tough I'm not likely to sail something that windy any day soon I still took the plunge and ordered the 13cm fins for myself today. It will be interesting to see how they will make the board feel in more normal stuff too.

eolos77 8th September 2009 03:18 AM

I understand the reason you are proposing the Kode. On the other hand it is really challenging to try a four fin board that will work well in onshore conditions and will also turn with endless grip. The idea of a smaller set of fins for the Quad is also a good option but do really you think that for my wait (85kg), a 76 lt Quad is gonna feel bigger? The problem with my 79 is that it feels like a 75. Actually i am 100% sure that it is a 75. This is why i want an 80 which will be able to be controlled in high winds too.

Forgive me for asking and asking questions, but i will have to work hard to to buy a new board, especially with the 2010 prizes and can't afford a bad choice. Therefore your advise is very valuable to me.

A friend of mine believes that Quad is not a fast board because its main purpose is to hold on the waves and he advised me to consider buying a twinzer. Is it real that four fins are slow compared to the twinzers
Do you think i should take his advise under consideration?

Ola_H 8th September 2009 05:13 AM

Yeah, new developments are always interesting and worth a try (unless you're a conservative, I guess).

It's abit hard to say 100% for sure, but the Quad 76 IS very wide and offers a very stable platform. I don't think its is more than 76 liters, but for most people it will definitely fel bigger in light wind. But if your unsure and don't want to make a "low volume mistake" again, maybe the 81 is the safer bet. I guess that at 85 kilos also the 81 will be controllable.

Speed: yes, in a pure straight line speed event the Quad will be slower than a single fin and maybe also than a twin. But in most upwind situations you will gain a lot compared to a comparable single fin board and even more relative a twin fin. Once on a plane the Quads track upwind very well and this also lets you bear off and go for fast downwind runs (or lets you get up to the wave quicker). I don't think the speed difference is much of a deal compared to a twin fin board. They are after all also designe to excel on a wave. But a fast single fin will for sure be quicker when pure speed is what matters.

Ray Timm 8th September 2009 02:42 PM

I weigh 83 kg. The Q76 is the biggest feeling, small board I've sailed when the wind drops. Even with a full 5 mm wetsuit on I can slog back to shore if I have any power at all.

When I first sailed it I thought it was a bit slow feeling, but with more time on it I don't notice it being particularly slow.

If I were making the choice again between a 76 and an 81, I would pick the 76. Having said that, I haven't sailed a Q81.

eolos77 8th September 2009 10:48 PM

Lets say i get the 76 since its so fair with its volume. Is it fast to get to planning?
Is a four fin fast to get to planning in general?

Ola_H 8th September 2009 11:38 PM

I think they plane very early. The only thing to look out for is that the grip of the fins can sometimes in marginal conditions be deceiving when just getting onto the plane. You get the feeling the board is going to grip and then plane away, but it sort of never does. The trick is to instead just bear away a little and push the board onto its plane and then put more pressure on the fins again. This is no different than how you do on most single fins and on twin fin boards, the difference is just that the quad system gives you a different kind of feedback. But its like the front fins need a certain speed before they deliver their drive while the rear fins have drive from the start but not enough to power the board onto planing. Overall this is a very subtle detail though and even when I'm on my small quad I plane very early and with less "coaxing" than on a twin fin board.

eolos77 10th September 2009 03:09 AM

So, between twin and four fin, you advise me to choose the 4?
Plz keep in mind that i am sailing in onshore and side on conditions mostly and few times in sideshore.

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