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kenck8 18th November 2006 06:35 PM

Improve performance with new fin?
I am using the Carve 122, 06 with my 7.5m GTX. I weight 80kg. Will I get a significant improvement by replacing my existing fin with G10 fin such as the Lessacher Slalom Duo Cut 42cm fin?
I am looking for early planing and speed. But still, I don't want to have
impact on turning.

hans kleingeld 18th November 2006 11:22 PM

RE: Improve performance with new fin?
The MFC liquids are very nice freerace/freeride fins. They have very good potential, also in the lower wind range, but the manouvrability remains very well. These fins you have in the range 28 cm up to more than 50 cm. I have used them a lot in the past. A +- 40 cm may be very nice size: enough area for early planing and going on in windlulls and small enough not to get out of control soon. The speedpotential of these fins is really ok and jibing is easy!

PG 19th November 2006 02:59 AM

RE: Improve performance with new fin?
I am sure you can get some preformance enhancement from a new fin. The Lessacher is a very good fin, but they sail VERY big (lots of power). The 42 cm Slalom duo is probably equivalent to something like a 46-48 cm Curtis SR-6b. This sounds very big for your C122 unless the only criteria is marginal planning.
A typical slalom fin (like the SR-6b) in 40-42 cm range might make sense with your 7.5, but that would probably translate to a Lessacher 36 cm (really hard to say exactly...)

hans kleingeld 19th November 2006 03:26 AM

RE: Improve performance with new fin?
For good overall performance including jibing I think you better can surf your Carve 122 with a good freeride fin. Using a pure slalom fin will maybe add little more speed under certain circumstances, but a good freeride fun will definitely give more fun overall:)!

steveC 19th November 2006 07:08 AM

RE: Improve performance with new fin?
From a practical standpoint, I understand what PG is saying. Different fin designers must sometimes be viewed under different spotlights. I have some Lessacher fins, so I grasp what's being offered in commentary here.

hans kleingeld 20th November 2006 12:23 PM

RE: Improve performance with new fin?
I just want to emphasize that for low wind performance and manouvrability there allways be a better solution with a freeride fin than with a slalom fin, especially for a carve. I surfed a lot of freeride, slalom and weedfins, but for freeriding a pure freeride fin gives the most fun. I certainly am not claiming to say that the Lessacher slalom fin won't be the right choice;)

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