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Pryde 5th September 2009 12:56 PM

my AHD Diamond Race 78 is broken
Hi guys,

Finally, after good use sice 2002, my Dimaond Race's deck has become so soft that it starts producing leaks.:mad:
It was a great board, though. Could speed, duck gibe, power jibe full planing and tack real well. Looking for a good replacement. Since my nearest waters have wind holes, it needs to be good early planing and planing through windholes.

Since I am 102 kg, 1.95 m tall, it needs to have fair volume so I do consider iSonic 150 or Futura 155 (the AHD had 169 or so liters, 78 cm wide, with 56 cm fin). Would the Futura or iSonic plane earlier? This duck jibing with an iSonic realistic. Sail with V8 9.8 m2 of 2007.

Please relese all your thoughts.



Kevin Pritchard 10th September 2009 10:39 PM

It sounds like the Futura will be a great board for you. It does all the things you are looking for and goes fast too! IT has a very similar rocker line to the Isonic but it is toned down a bit to make it gybe and power gybe really well. I think you will love it.

ZegeVele73 30th November 2009 01:14 PM

my AHD Diamond Race 78 is broken
100 the best love i have ever made was with the tree I had my way with it, and plan to do it again next year Just not during the race.

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