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Nicci 8th September 2009 02:19 AM

Kode 112 or Futura 111 a better board to gybe?
Canīt decide between the Futura 111 (or 122) and the Kode 112.
Iīm 87kg, mostly windsurf in 0.5-1m chop, sometimes 1m+.
I have Severne sails Overdrive 5.5, Element 6.5 and NCX 7.5, mostly use 7.5 or 6.5 though... I consider myself an intermediate in skills, used to run a slalom board 107L.
Now Iīm looking for a board that is reasonably fast but also gybes well (carve/duck gybes), got to test the Kode 112 woodcarbon ones but didnīt find it especially easy to keep on the plane in the gybes with my weight and skills, does anybody know if Futura 111 gybes better i.e stays on the plane easier? Or is the 122 a better gyber?
My highest priority would be a board the stays well on plane in gybes, wether narrow or wide.
Have to decide in a couple of days so I would be thankful for any advice or if somebody has any experience of the Kode 112. :)

Ola_H 11th September 2009 02:50 PM

I think the Kodes 112 and 122 are rather similar in how they gybe and I don't really believe the difference between the 111 and 122 futuras is that significant either. I had a F101 and many Kombats/Kodes/Aeros and it's hard to just say which is the best jiber of them. The Kodes are easier to whip around on the tail in shorter jibe and does a sick high speed full power jibe, but then requires that you drive it well, pushing down the front rail with the help of mast foot pressure. The Futura will be much more work in a shorter jibe but will glide though a longer jibe easier with much less sailor input. It still handles high speeds in the jibe very well.

So if we concentrate on slightly longer jibes, where staying on plane is the priority, the Futura is the easiest one. The bigger the sail the bigger the advantage for the Futura. The Kode on the other hand, will feel looser (ie like it want to jibe, turn, play etc) but require more power and drive but then convert this into more exhilarating jibing experience one you master it. It will then also be easier to (with the same technique) push the Kode into shorter high speed jibes.

Screamer 11th September 2009 07:17 PM

Excellent explanation from Ola, there is no short answer to the question - which one is better to gybe? My experience comes from sailing Carves and Kombats, but I think it would be pretty similar. Carves were a bit easier for LEARNING gybes, a bit more forgiving, somehow helping you, and carried speed for longer. So yes a Futura will probably stay on the plane easier/ longer. Having said that, Kombats/Kodes are far more exciting if/when you start to crack gybes regularly: you don't have to be an expert (I'm far from it) to enjoy it. It will allow you very different arcs, styles, you can change your mind mid-carve, adapt to conditions, etc. What is important, it may actually be easier to control your gybe on a Kode if you sail in large chop.

Good luck

Nicci 12th September 2009 05:54 PM

Thx a lot guys! Just what I needed to know, i.e. that the Kode is a good board to gybe, that means I only have to train some more to keep it planing. Maybe I just have a bit too big a fin, use a Lessacher Duo 320mm because of the weed in the bay... ? On the ohter hand, havenīt had any spinouts... :-)
One just get the impression from magazinetests that there is big differences between differents boards gybing performance, and have not seen the 112 Kode in any tests yet. SB also seems to have made the 2010 Kode-version a bit wider at the tail and shifted the volume there (like the Futura for 2009 if I have understood it right).
I found a friends Tabou 3S 107L just so much more "gliding" in the carve gybe so maybe the Futura would be more alike?
Anyhow I bought the Kode 112 wc but still has the opporunity to change it to a Futura 111 -09 if not satisfied when testing - great service.

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