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carolos 9th September 2009 12:04 AM

Spinout on isonic 111
Just bought i-sonic 111 and used it today in 16-18 knots with a hellcut 5.7.My weight is 60 kgs and the board is on a 38 fin.
I use harnesslines 20''.The board tends to spinout at high speed.Why?What is the reason?Also had the same prob with my 6.6 racing sail.
could u also advice on the footstrap position.Forgot to mention that my height is 1.67cm.current footstrap position front ones all the way out and rear , on the second last hole

nonopr 9th September 2009 12:38 AM

Are you using the factory fin?

Chris Pressler 9th September 2009 04:11 AM

Hi Carolos,
would think that 5,7 is bit too small for the size of the board. 6,6 should be better. The board works great up to 8,5. You could get a bit longer fin in and for sure longer harness lines. Where is your mastbase positioned?

Good luck,

Roger 9th September 2009 09:05 AM

Hi Carolos,
Have you wet sanded the fin to get all the decals and writing blended in?
Many of the Drake fins are pretty bad unless you blend all the graphic paint overlays
into the foil by wet sanding.
A little work with some 320-480 wet and dry abrasive paper can make a fin that seems pretty bad into a fin that's pretty good.
This does not "always" work but it's definitely worth a try.
Try to find some of the sponge pads with the fine grade abrasive on them.
When used with water, they do a real nice job of "blending" fin surfaces.
Also make sure you are using good fin bolt gaskets to prevent any air from
being sucked down from the top of your board.
Hope this helps,

carolos 9th September 2009 12:24 PM

Many thanks,
I figure that the problem arises from the fact that factory bolts came wrong, they would fit for deep tuttle but not tuttle.So i placed some cheap ones that i found but never thought that it would i guess it does......With regards the mastfoot position where do i place it with a 6.6 sail?Currently i place it where the recommended mark is, at the very end back....
With regards to harnesslines why do you think i need longer ones, i thought 18"" would work better for "hard core "slalom.Could you give some advice please.

Many thanks and await for you useful instructions.

Remi 9th September 2009 05:21 PM

Hi Carolos,

For this board with race sail you should have your boom fix on the mast at eyes height and better to have adjustable harness line from 24" to 30" to found the best trim. 18" is far too short ansd this can be one reason of your spin out.

Hope this help

All the best

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