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marek 11th September 2009 07:55 PM

Problem with Heli-tack

I know this is a basic one, but I'm still having troubles with it.
On the movie below the guy crosses the windline and gets pushed downwind on a new tack, then he rotates the sail.

I get to the wind line like just when doing a tack, but then I never cross it. I try to tip the rig forward, but I get pushed back to an old tack. I try to force the rig rotation, but I fall into my back every time.
Any idea what do I do wrong?


Ken 11th September 2009 09:17 PM


It sounds like you aren't getting the board turned across the wind line far enough. Keep the sail sheeted in (foot of sail to your back foot) until you begin to get backwinded. Once you do have the nose past the wind line, lean the sail toward the nose of the board and move your hands back on the boom a little. This helps turn the nose downwind.

Once the board rotates at least 45 degrees off the wind, complete the sail rotation.

Practice in winds below 10 knots and start with a relatively small sail.

I am far from being an expert at freestyle, but I can do this trick.

Hope this helps

marek 11th September 2009 09:36 PM

I'll definitely try it this way this weekend.


vikingsail 12th September 2009 12:25 AM

these are the notes I made from ABK camp. they are not perfect. Also check the Jem Hall site.
1. Head up into the wind, keep hands on boom, weight on the back foot. Oversheet
2. At 12:00 Swing front foot around to front of mast (No weight)
3. At 1:30 Move the sail forward with straight front arm, "head up, Hips in" Board will keep heading off and back wind. As board heads off start putting weight on front foot. Keep Clew open by lifting.
4. When weight is equal on the balls of both feet(hip width apart, heels on centerline), swing sail back, keep thumbs up, hands close, palms open, use indepenpent arms to box sail, don't stall, keep front arm straight,elbow up.Use aft hip to to drive sail upwind if overpowered. Bear board off to 3 or 9 position. </
5. To start move back foot forward to mast foot. guide Sail forward & windward to go off wind, maintain angle in plane of wind not board . Center of pressure should be in front of you. Keep clear of Raging Bull THEN
6. Let go with front hand Reach backand grab boom with back hand, step front foot back(not too far, don't move old back foot), Arch back HEAD up keep looking forward and windward. Sail will swing into clew first position.
7. Level boom, flip and Smile.
8, NB this is one handed move use 1 hand to control sail on lee hand , one hand to reach back.

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