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Unregistered 15th September 2009 01:37 AM

I.D. Request for North Mast
I've recently bought a used north mast. I'd like to know what year it is and if it's different from the newer north masts.
It's a 460 viper race 100% carbon with silver finish. The label states it's 1.5 kg, 25 CC, and "xcellerator technology".
I'm using it in a 7.3 F2007 but it seems to rig very flat in the bottom. I've been told that that particular sail size/year rigs flat even with the recommended 2007 mast. At the max downhaul setting, the bottom camber would barely rotate.
Obviously, I'll try different settings next time...

mark h 15th September 2009 02:40 AM

Hi, is the bottom half like a silver blue colour and the top black? If yes its prob 04/05. I think yours is an 04/04 460. Luckily, all the Viper races have the same bend curve so the year of the mast wont matter. The Norths do set pretty flat at the bottom 2 panels. Despite this, the Warps still have alot of "grunt". The power comes from further back in the sail. Also, when the sail is powere up, you will notice that the sail developes a bit draft. You can put a couple of cam spacers in the bottom two cams and wack on the batton tension, this will give you extra power and stability, but cams will need a good kick to rotate. I've had the F2004 through to the F2008 and they'v all had the flat shape. Dont be fooled by there flat profile, as they are definitly very grunty.

P.S. The F2007 likes to be set at max downhaul (on the VTS), power can be altere via the outhaul. Cams will seem stuborn on the beach, but once powered up on the water they rotate OK-ish.

Unregistered 15th September 2009 03:20 AM

No, the entire mast is silver. The labels are a light blue.
Thanks for the reassurance as far as the flatness. The sail seemed to be OK on water, it just didn't seem very pretty on the beach.
I definitely need to play with the outhaul. I was upgrading from a 2003 sail and after spending a lot of money I wanted everything to be perfect right off the bat. Thanks!

mark h 15th September 2009 04:04 AM

Hi, if its silver all over, it could be as old as 2001. NS introduced the xcellerator Viper race in 2001 and ran it till around 2004. So your is 01 tom 04. The silver was a titanium coating to protect it from cam wear. They switched names in 2004-ish to the Viper race with the titanium silver blue bottom half & black on the top half. Yours has the "drop shape" and same "bend curve" so no worries there:) My NS Vipers are all 2005 and they have very little wear. There are the only masts I've not managed to break so far.

TSAF 25th November 2009 04:45 AM

I have found some new viper race on the market in pretty good prices..
Does anybody know what bend characteristics do they have? 520 and 550
Hard top, constant curve or flex top...?
I want to use them with Gun Mega XR.

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