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Pieter Buis 18th September 2009 04:03 PM

Isonic 144 or 131?
Hi Remi,

Want do you recommend: Isonic 131 or 144? I like to have a board between the 122 and the Formula as I find that in slalom competition the wind decreases sometimes just a bit which gives me with my weight on the 122 a disadvantage compared to other lighter sailors.

I am 95 kg, like to use the board for competition / slalom racing mostly with 9.5m2 NP RS EVOII (app. 12 - 20 knots), and already have Isonics 101, 122 and Formula.

I am a strong sailor, sail with big sails in lots of wind and heavy chop. No problem sailing overpowered or at the edge of (out of) control.

Please advise as I can't decide yet between the 144 and 131.

best regards,


Remi 19th September 2009 05:11 AM

Hi Pieter;

Ok at this weight I recommand you the iSonic 144, who give the extra volume for your weight in the rules under 85cm.

The Wood Carbone will give you even more avantage due to is rigidity and weight for you 9,5.

All the best

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