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loopless 20th September 2009 02:57 AM

Aero 117 in-board or outboard strap setting for wave riding...?
I just picked up a Aero 117 for light wind wave riding and was wondering what the best position for a single rear footstrap. I am sailing down-the-line so normally would set the footstep in the most outboard position possible to get on the rail as much as possible for the bottom turn. But for the Aero I could use the off-center middle strap or outboard one. Just wondering if the off-center middle strap will give me enough to crank a bottom turn. I am thinking the outboard strap could be too much off-center....


Ola_H 21st September 2009 02:12 AM

Aah congratulations. It's a classic. WHile its tempting to mount the rear strap off center to ba able to crank the board more with the back foot, I would say the board works much better with the single rear strap mounted in the center. There are two reasons. 1. Using the rig and front foot to initiate the turn instead of the back foot will let you surf the board much better. SO bend you knees, "crouch" a little and let the rail do the worj and even this super wide board will turn very well. 2. When you get to the top and want to top turn, you will have very little power if you have your back foot over the centerline of the board. You feel much more balanced when hitting some white water and also be able to turn in "clean" water much better off the top with a center mounted rear strap.

Good luck and tell us how it orks out.

Ola H.

loopless 22nd September 2009 10:45 AM

After trying both positions I would agree that the outboard one is not going to work - too much of a step over. But still kind of hard to crank it over using just the middle strap. May have to adjust my technique as I am used to a more traditional wave board. I need to get it out in some more wind and waves for some more testing...

Thanks for the advice.

mim 22nd September 2009 04:15 PM


Aero is a good piece...I loved it, sold it and now when the conditions are right for it I regret. Going down the line...hang back into the sail, push it and then release the pressure fast and do the transition on the front foot and it will turn fast enough...use your sail to help it as well and there will be no problem.

have fun,
ciao Michal.

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