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lingbart 20th September 2009 02:04 PM

Which fins for downwind speed?

For the iSonic Speed specials, 44,49,53 I have found the right downwind speed fins.

I'am 92 kg and using the 2010 iSonic 111/7.8 NP Evo 2 and iSonic 101/7.0 NP Evo 2 only at flat/light chop water on downwind speed courses.

I have been struggeling all year around to find the right fins for the 2009 boards in these conditions. (Techtonics Tomcat, Select SL7, Deb SL4, Choco fins fireblade, etc)

The recommend fins are the SL4 but I'm not sure if these fins will do the downwind speed job in the given circumstances.

Any suggestions which fins will work for this situation?

Thanxs Barry

sivagriva 20th September 2009 02:52 PM

C3 Venom for sure, look at:

mark h 20th September 2009 10:15 PM

Not sure about the SL/Choco/Tomcats. But a couple of weeks ago, I was on my iS144 & 10m F2005 (sold this sail now) and Drake 52cm, I was stuck on max peaks at 30k. I switched to a RS7 51cm and peak speeds went up to just shy off 33k in choppy conditions. So RS7 for light winds/big sails for sure. Still waiting for that perfect day on the iS111, so only managed 32k/33k peaks with a Select Viper 43cm on a 7.8m and 9m so far. Not tried one, but I think the new SL9 39cm or 37cm would easily give 35k plus peaks. What sizes have trie so far?

lingbart 21st September 2009 09:01 PM

@Sivagriva: I will try C3 Venom soon with Martin v Meurs/Marcel Braas.

@ Mark H: iSonic 111/NP Evo2 7.8 I tryed so far: SL7 37+39, Tec Tomcat 38 (fastest till now 36+ knots), Choco fireblade 37+39, Deb SL4 38. I still miss the lift/acceleration to go really fast in downwind speed.

I tryed the SL9 39 and only had lots of spinout.

Does the Team have any suggestions?

Cheers Barry

Lessacher 1st October 2009 01:08 PM

Thomas Döblin made a topspeed from 50 knots with the Rake 30° Le Wo Duo Cut.
100% carbon. 22cm. 18cm 22cm 25ccm 28cm 32cm 35cm 40cm.
22cm is 28cm long. Wolfgang

mark newman 13th October 2009 11:46 PM

Hello Barry,
Sorry I can't help on the 111 & 101 - I am surprised none of the team know?
Please can you give me some tips for 2009 IS 94 & Speed W53 for GPSSS?
IS 94
What size sails are you using/best?
You are using a Falcon 34 in the 94 - have you tried other fins, is this best, why?
What foot strap settings are you using inside, outside, back, front etc?
Where do you put the mast foot?
What size sais are you using/are best?
You are using the Casper speed fins, are they Select production fins?
Are they Elite fins or the cheaper ones, have you tried both?
Are they better than Falcons, why?

Thanks a lot, cheers

willy 14th October 2009 07:56 AM

Hi, go with the Venom C3 you'll be well satisfied.

lingbart 14th October 2009 03:43 PM

@ Willy: The venom works for me in the smaller sizes untill 36cm. For the larger boards the venoms are for me too soft and produce not enough lift. I tried the 38/40/42.

@MN: 94> sails size 7.0. Footstraps outside and all the way back. I tried many fins but for this board the tech. falcon + Goldwing 34 cm worked for me the best. Mastfoot all the boards @ recommended.
53> 6.2 + 7.0. Caspar Custom fins but the Production Elite fins are almost the same.
Under the IS SS's the falcons do not work for me. The caspars give confidence/enough lift/stiff fin with a little twist/flex. I like to push a fin to the limit and a falcon spins out because it's to soft for me. Caspars just don't spinout and are perfect for downwind speed.
I use for the Is SS 49: 23/25cm, 53: 27/29 cm, 58: 29/31 cm (in december).



P.s. I'am still testing and waiting for any input and wind on the 101/111.

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