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Unregistered 22nd September 2009 02:29 PM

EVO 80 (2007 and after) or EVO 83 (2006) or EVO 90

I'm looking for a unique board to ride almost all conditions from 13 knt to 25/30 knt.
Of course, I know "that board" will not suit perfectly all that range conditions. But I'm fed up with carrying several boards.

I've tried a friend's EVO 83 with 5 Bft wind and it seems pretty good to me.
I can buy a second hand EVO 80 now from my local shop.

I would like to know if it's ok as a unique board or do you think I should wait to buy a EVO 83 (or 90) ? Is the EVO 90 probably too bulky for me ?

My weight is 130 lbs (58 kg) and my level is correct.
I have had a bic SAXO 265 (80 liters) as a unique board for several years and it was ok (especially in light wind). But that boad was 265 cm with a scoop designed for planning. The EVO is 235 cm only and designed primarily for waves !

Thank you for your responses.


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