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Tmac 1st October 2009 09:13 PM

right board
Need advice

Sailing spot is flat water.I am looking for a board for lightwind mainly 12-16 knots conditions.Would like tu use it 12 to 20 knots.

I already have board for stronger wind conditions.

Main purpose is without sacrifying comfort too much sailing top speed.

So means slalom board İsonic.

The questions are
1- what should be ideal volume for 12-16 kn conditions.I suppose IS 122 is right but not sure.

2-What would be the ideal sail type/size?
I have a 7,2 Hellcat.
Do not have to struggle with a slalom/race type sail like NP RC etc. too technical and uncomfortable at least for my level.

Is Hellcat ok or should I replace it with V8 7,5 m or V6 7,5

Do I need combine a IS with race sail or one of the above sails will also provide satisfiying speed performance.I want to get max speed on above 12-16 kn lightwind-flatwater conditions

thanks in advance

Ken 1st October 2009 09:51 PM


How much do you weigh? What other board(s) do you have? This will help determine what will work best for you. I don't know much about the Hellcat, so someone else will have to help you with that. However, the V8's and V6's are good freerace/freeride sails.

The question is - is the iS the right board for you? I have an iS 111 and it is fast, but it is also somewhat technical to sail so I don't think it is the best choice for intermediate sailors for fast freeriding. If you like the challenge of mastering a great slalom race board, then the iS is the board. However, if you just want a comfortable "do all" fast board, then you may want to consider the Futura.

The advantage of using "race" sails with slalom boards is that they offer more control as well as a broader wind range when you are pressing the upper limits of your skill/equipment/wind. For most freeriding, race sails aren't necessary, but they can help you achieve greater top speeds.

Tmac 6th October 2009 04:08 PM

Weight 80 kg height 180 cm.

I already ride a few times I sonic 125 in 11-13 kn wind and felt comfortable in terms of early planing with 7,2 m Np Hellcat.

I own a Futura 111 which is good in 16-25 knot range.

I would like to enjoy 3 bft conditions with a right board.As far as I understand the wider tail creates an advantage vs Futura for early planing.

I sonic 101 or below that volume is still to lively and not easy to control for me.But in higher volume as I mentioned above -125- was really not much different than Futura just a little bit rigid under your back feet - I guess because of the race finn - and attention during jibe.

I am about to conclude for an IS 122 or 133 but need an experts comment is this a right decision or not.

Ken 7th October 2009 03:00 AM


I guess I would go with the iS 131 (2010 model). The 121 is too close to your F111. This would give you the best overall coverage, from 10 knots up. However, you will need a sail around 8.5 - 9.2 to really take advantage of the iS 131 in 10 - 12 knot winds.

You will have difficulty planing in 10 knots with a 7.5. You may be able to pump up on plane, but the wind will have to be very steady to stay on plane. An 8.5 or larger will make a big difference in the lighter winds.

Tmac 13th October 2009 06:26 AM


Many thanks for your advice.I guess you are right about the sail size.


Ken 13th October 2009 10:27 PM


Looking at the 131's width = 85cm and recommended sails 6.5 - 10.5, you have a sail size dilemma. From a 7.5, your next sail up would likely be and 8.5. From there, somewhere between 9.2 and 10.0. Since the recommend top sail size is 10.5, a 10.0 may be pressing the upper limits.

Someone with experience on the 131 (133) may be able to offer some better advice. Personally, I have a 7.6, 8.4 and 9.2 and like the spread in sizes. None seem too close to the other in size. I use the 8.4 occasionally on my iS 111 and the 9.2 on my formula board (11.0 also).

The 131 comes with a 52 cm Drake fin. To maximize your light wind capability, you should go for an extra fin, around 60 cm if you move up to the 8.5 and 9.2 sails.

All this assumes that you frequently have light winds and want to get the most out of your gear. Hope this helps.

Tmac 14th October 2009 07:38 PM

I read one ot the threades in that forum if you consider to have e.g. IS 122 for light wind it is almost the equivalent of F 133 for the purpose as a result of the volume distribution and width difference of the two types.
Is this correct?

If so I have to decide between Is 122 and F 133 for the same purpose.Why consider Futura answer is my jibing skill level.I am comfortable in both IS and F during course riding but jibing exit is better with Futura while i am getting almost to a stop before completing a gybe with I sonic.I guess it is a combination of the race board charcteristic and the riders levele of experience.

I am gybıng 9 0ut of 10 attempts but as mentioned above the exits are poor with I sonic.
Looks like I need one more season with free race boards to improve.
That is my assumption am I right o r should I push hrder in I sonic to improve jibe exits.
At the same time I want enjoy the max speed between jıbe attempts.That made me think using Futura with race fins to serve both purposes.

Ken 14th October 2009 09:49 PM

1. Yes, the assumption that the iS 122 and F 133 are equivalent in many ways seems appropriate, but I haven't sailed a futura so I am making a calculated guess.

2. I am guessing that the futura has more volume in the tail of the board which helps keep you on plane further through the jibe than the iS. Someone with more knowledge than me will have to confirm this.

3. For me, the iS 111 must be at top speed to make a good planing jibe. I have a HiFly Move 105, narrow tail, but with more volume in the tail than the iS, and it is easier to make a planing jibe than the iS.

4. While my iS feel faster than the HiFly, GPS reading confirm that they both are pretty equal in top speeds. The HiFly also has a more comfortable ride in chop. The iS 122 will probably be a little faster than the Futura 133, just because of the volume differences, but the futura will give you a more comfortable ride. In my opinion, it takes an expert sailor to take full advantage of an iS board. While I have many years of experience, I don't think I have mastered my iS yet.

I guess your decision comes down to the challenge of mastering the iS 122 or to go for ease and comfort of the F 133.

Screamer 19th October 2009 11:56 PM


You made it confusing a bit - in your first post you want a board for 12-16 knots, and in post #3 you want to enjoy 3bf conditions. These are very different wind ranges.

Go for F133 and sail between 8.5 and 9m (freerace, 2 or 3 cams) to take advantage of the bigger board. You'll keep your 7.2 as a small sail for F133, it's better paired to a Futura than to an iS.

Btw, for a recreational sailor, a gap from 7.3 to 9.0 is perfectly acceptable (I use those sails on my iS122). A sail in between is a luxury, unless you have reasons for it (different boards, like Ken, etc).

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