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dominic72 1st October 2009 10:22 PM

Hi folks

know it's been debated already, but I neeed a new large fin for my 2008 Kombat 105, US Box. What's the best choice to get my board planing at its best in freeride, light air condition? replacing the old 30cm Drake? MFC freewave 30cm? True Ames?

I have smaller fins (Drake natural wave 22 and 27) so perhaps should look for a larger one than 30cm. I weight some 83kgs.

can I really dare going for a 32 or even 34 cm without endangering the fin box?

thanks as usual

Ola_H 2nd October 2009 03:28 AM

Did you like the Drake Crossover? If you want something even more effective for light wind blasting, I would rather look for an even more "bladey" kind of fin of similar size, like a Gsport freeride.

carvesalot 4th October 2009 09:47 AM

I would suggest the Finworks Wave blade, the MFC is thin, no so powerful in the same size

dominic72 5th October 2009 11:25 PM

thanks both I do appreciate.

won't buy the MFC then but rather something more powerful, vertical, with less rake. I did like the drake crossover, Ola, but I alrea have a 27 natural wave too for my lightwind, onshore wave/B&J sessions. the 30cm Drake freeride I am keeping with me though it's been repaired (followed you guy's instructions). so perhaps I should look for a fin that's more on the upper end of the range, that would allow my 83 kilos to try a bast in light winds with a large sail without drifting too much downwind. can I go up to 32/34 or do I risk destroying my finbox?

also, do you guys have a nice large sail to suggest me for this board? it's my biggest board and I need a sail that's powerful but manoeuvrable for such a a small volume board. it'll be my biggest sail next to my (much loved) 5.9 Severne S-1. I am replacing my current North Duke 6.4 and am more oriented for a slightly bigger volume. thought Ezzy SE or Wave panther 6.9 could work since it has a shorter boom that most sails in the same size. any hints

carvesalot 6th October 2009 11:20 AM

I like your Ezzy thoughts, but in the larger size perfer the FreeRide 3, for 6.0 and lower go Panther. Its very light weight, super strong, and sails quite a lot like my 5.5 Panther.

the Panther 6.9 is 193 VS 197 for the 7.0 FR3

dominic72 12th October 2009 06:17 PM

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Hi again guys, I've found a Drake Freeride 32 cm at a cheap price from Harty - do you think this fin would do the job or does it have too much rake? it's showen in the attachment ... thanks

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