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jasoncatchpowle 9th October 2009 11:48 PM

ahd maui force or kode 68
hi kevin, i am 62 kilos, 6'1 tall, 14 yrs old and am an advanced windsurfer and intermediate wavesailor. i'm intrested in knowing whether the kode 68 or quad 66 would be better as a high wind wave board than my current AHD maui force 76ltrs. the maui force is a great board its a full-on down the line ho'okipa waveboard but it gets too much to handle with a 4.0 in 25 kts plus of wind. it is the same width as the kode 68 but is slightly thicker in the middle and a bit longer what do you think, would the kode just feel the same as the maui force or would it have much more control?

many thanks

jason ,WA

Kevin Pritchard 20th October 2009 02:19 AM


I would go with the new Kode. The Kode have amazing control and speed.. Where are you in WA? Maybe you can try out one of Jagger Stones boards?


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