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agrelon 23rd October 2009 12:37 PM

New Board Grip
I've recently purchased a second hand board and I use to wear rubber shoes while sailing to get a better grip on the board. However, it is SO much easier to get in the footstraps barefoot that I decided to start sailing like this. In comfortable planing conditions, bf 4-5, the board provided enough grip for tacks.

But, in stronger wind, bf5-6, tacks became impossible because of the added water running over the board all the time due to higher chop making it impossible not to slip.

I've been told that to redo the grip on my deck I can mix some epoxy with salt and apply that to my board with a paint roller.

Has anyone ever tried this? Any alternatives you know about?


Adrien G

Roger 23rd October 2009 07:52 PM

Hi Adrian,
The epoxy/salt method does work, but a better method is to use what the custom and production board manufacturers use.
A coat of "thinned" epoxy resin and foam dust (applied from a regualr flour sifter like you have in a kitchen)
You would need to clean the deck of your AHD off with a solvent and then apply the tin coat of thinned spoxy resin (you can roll it on but spraying is the best).
The sift an even "sprinkle" of the foam dust over the epoxy and let the epoxy cure.
The also make some kits (Redeck) that have the resin and traction material pre-mixed, but I think you get a better job with the resin and foam dust.
You can check what Eva (The Board Lady) Holiman has to suggest @
Hope this helps,

Floyd 23rd October 2009 08:16 PM

Hi Adrien fillings

Personally wouldn`t use salt. (But I cant say it doesn`t work ; I`ve not tried it)

I`ve always used Epoxy resin (Araldite; but not fast settin;one package will just do a board) and white plastic granules. You can buy granules from Gun sails (Think theirs are foam based) or make your own from filing any firm white plastic. (I`ve used both white ruler and white plastic blocks (used in furniture building); just file them with a medium file/course sand paper and allow fillings to drop on board. I have used a foam block held against a sanding machine. (Dont try that with plastic) (You need clark foam for that though;polystyrene doesn`t work)

Get board; and epoxy resin really warm before spreading . (Its a lot thinner and goes further)

I dont mix resin and powder.(The bits would float to top anyway) Roller resin onto board (mask out bits you dont want covering) and then "spray" with either plastic bits/foam bits. Leave alone for a day

Its not a hard job.

agrelon 24th October 2009 09:52 AM

Thanks both of you for the advice. The link you posted is great, Roger. I've also seen products in sailing shops which are ready made and simply need to be applied like paint. I will inquire further about the ready-made as it may guarantee better results then a homemade job.

Adrien G

Unregistered 24th October 2009 04:14 PM

The kits that you dont mix (ie not epoxy based) aren`t that permanent.(They tend to set a bit grey aswell; or the one I tried did anyway) I`d only use expoxy based.
To be honest you`ll do a better job as Roger/Floyd describe.I`ve used the spray on ; which looks good but lasts at best half a dozen sails; the Roller on kit (the ready mixed paste) which looks poor but lasts a bit longer and the epoxy+powder which is loads better.

Ken 24th October 2009 10:04 PM

Although I haven't done it, the technique from the "old" days on custom glass boards was epoxy and sugar. Sugar dissolves once in the water leaving the texture behind from the epoxy. Similar to salt except that the sugar dissolves quicker.

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