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kvda 26th October 2009 04:57 PM

isonic 101, '07/ '08/'09
thinking about buying an isonic 101. Do not want to buy a new one, but a good second hand.
Can find all years, but wich one is definitely better than another one? 2007 is cheap, 2008 more expensive and 2009 the most expensive.

Wich one to go for? what are the major differences between the years?

Want to sail it in choppy waters, with 7.2-7.8-8.4 Rs Slalom sails. Also have an isonic 125 for 7.8-8.4-9.0 and a sonic 85 for 5.4-6.2-7.2

tnx in regards!

kvda 22nd November 2009 02:38 PM

Does anyone know something about my question?

mark h 22nd November 2009 06:05 PM

The 07 was a big improvement over the original 06 iS, more control etc, very nice all round model.

The 08 version was thinner (especially noticed this in the rear section) for even more control and better gybing and exit speed. At first I did not like this thinner shape as Im size 12 feet, I keep't dipping my heels in the water and generating loas spray. But after adjusting stance, its much better.

The 09 version was only slight improvement over the 08 version. It has the double wingers that slightly increase the width for earlier planing. Although this must have helped early planing a bit, I personally couldn't tell that much difference.

2007: three sessions old, so great value and still competitive and loads of fun. Should be bought for about 1/3rd of original price.

2008: Two sessions old, and best value out of the bunch. Should be around 1/2 of its original price.

2009: Similar to 08 but still around 2/3rds of original price. Newer/prettier than 08, 200ish for vanities sake???

For 09, I keep't my 08 models as it would have been a lot of bucks for a slight improvement. 2010 are looking good, stiffer and a bit more volume in the tail (yet to try one), so maybe time to change, plus the new iS94 is ver tempting, mmm!?!

nonopr 22nd November 2009 09:20 PM

I have riden the 3 boards including the 2010.
2007 dont buy.
the 2008 is the best of all of them in regard what you are looking for in a budget.
But if you can get a good price on a 2009 I will recommend.
I have the 2008 still and like it and already got my 2010 iSonics and did not buy the 101 because is still a fast board and did not have to spend the money in that wind range. The new 111 and 131 are nice and the new tail cutout seem to help the board trim better and release a lot better also helping in the control when overpower and the planning.
Go for the 2008 if that is what you can afford right now.

kvda 23rd November 2009 12:21 AM

tnx guys, both of you decided to keep the 2008 101?!? I've heard from two surfers on my spot they LOVE the 101 2008...
I know my direction now, tnx again.

Expander 23rd November 2009 02:53 PM



I use regularly 2007 101 iSonic; I've never tested latest 101 models but I've compared with slalom boards of other brands.
I use it with 7 m. race sails.
In my opionion it's one of best and fastest slalom board I've ever used, really fast but, most important thing, really easy and comfortable.
For sure latest models ('08-'09) have been improved (maybe not so significantly as Mark H says) but, always in my opinion, 2007 has still a great value and is still competitive.

kvda 8th December 2009 01:40 AM

NONOPR: btw, why do you notice '2007: don't buy'? I tried the 101 2007 yesterday, found it pretty good.

What is the big progress between the 07 and the 08?

And what is the big difference between the 08 and the 09 except for the wingers?

nonopr 8th December 2009 03:24 AM

I made my note due to dollar amount between the 07 and 08 is not worth buying the 07 iSonic if you can buy an 08 for about $100 more and you have a better board in speed and jibe.

kvda 9th December 2009 12:04 AM

ok, tnx for the clarification!

am thinking of going for 09, maybe (check with the wife) for 2010 ... 'cause as far as i know, you only live once ;)

kvda 30th January 2010 10:32 PM

Well, after all I bought me the 101 2010 wood! Now I'm waiting for the winter to leave and the spring + wind to arrive!!

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