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Del Carpenter 27th October 2009 12:40 AM

How many US states did you windsurf?
One of my goals is to windsurf in each of the 50 US states; I'm sure others have already accomplished this or are further along than I am in the US. I windsurfed in 34 states in the District of Columbian and have 16 US states left to go (AA, NV, ID, UT, ND, OK, MO, LA, MS, TN, WV, NY, VT, NH, CT, and RI).

What is the number of US states where you windsurfed?

How many have windsurfed in 3 or more states in one day? And where? DE, NJ & PA all meet on the Delaware River near Claymonth DE. The Mississippi and Ohio rivers each have a few places where 3 states meet. And under the right conditions it might be possible to sail about 45 miles from Connecticut waters across Rhode Island to Massachusetts waters. My best so far is two states in one day, Virginia and Maryland by crossing the Potomac River from Bell Harbor VA, and Illinois & Iowa by crossing the Mississippi from Nauvoo IL.

spliff 28th October 2009 12:25 PM

wtf cares?

Unregistered 29th October 2009 12:35 AM

Never sailed in a US state but often sailed in a right state !!! Got a mate who always does !!!

Del Carpenter 30th October 2009 10:38 AM

The "AA" in my list of states still needed should have been "AK" (Alaska). And I forgot one occasion of getting two states in one day, Oregon & Washington from the event site at Hood River OR.

Bringing my windsurfing equipment on vacations in our van is a hassle for my wife. Working on the "list" has given me a good excuse and made it easier for her to tolerate the hassle.

Ken 30th October 2009 09:53 PM


Sorry you haven't got any serious responses. When you are young, goals like yours don't come to mind and a few characters feel inclined to belittle your efforts. Don't take it too seriously, keep chasing your dreams as long as your body and wife will tolerate it.

I haven't made a special effort to tally states or to travel to windsurfing resorts, but I have managed to windsurf in 7 states and four countries.

As "Unregistered" says, I too sail in a right state, that's why we are addicted.

Enjoy your travels,

Lessacher 5th November 2009 11:37 PM

I must laugh, my dream is it, to sell one or more fins in USA , Australia, Hongkong,some
days ago South Korea. Today: New Kaledonia,no idea , but lets look. How many States
over the whole world? Wolfgang

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