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vchaveca 27th October 2009 05:58 AM

Formula 160 vs 161 vs 162
Hello Remi and Starboard Formula Team, i have a big question for you, I see everybody start to race with older Formulas 160 and 161, and anyone or one or 2 guys racing with 162. I am 185 tall, 90 kg and have Vapor 2008 sails 12.0; 11,0 and 10,0 m, now I have for two years the formula 162, but now I donīt know what is the better board for me? I donīt go buy the new ones because is very expensive, but I have the possibility of change my board for a very good 161, could you help me?

best regards

Remi 27th October 2009 08:06 AM

Hi Vchaveca,

At your weight I recommand in your case to choose the 161, but notice that both LWR and HWR will be more efficient on race course.

Hope this help.

All the best

gre-969 3rd November 2009 07:46 PM

Go for the 161, I did the same and I'am again very happy, that board is a dream !!!

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