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Unregistered 1st November 2009 01:10 AM

sail size for remy.
Hi Remy.
I am planning on getting 2 isonics, one per sail size:

( I weight 64kg and sail in Singapore).

What is your best recommendation?



Chris Pressler 6th November 2009 06:15 AM

Hi M,
would recommend 122 and 94.


Remi 6th November 2009 02:34 PM

Hi M,

Yes Chris is fully right, enjoy the boards and don't hesitate to come back on the forum for tuning or give your personal sensation.

Have fun

Unregistered 9th November 2009 08:01 PM

Thank you guys.
I hace also been advized to get the 111 instead of the 122 ( as I also have a formula).
what do you tihnk about it?

Remi 10th November 2009 06:05 AM

Hi M,

I still recommand you the 121 and 94, 8,4mē is the perfect size to have the best results on the 121.

All the best

Unregistered 15th November 2009 06:00 AM

Thank you Remi


Chris Pressler 15th November 2009 03:00 PM

You should definitely grab the 121. You need the size at your spots, which have lighter wind and need the volume to come back.


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