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Misho2008 2nd November 2009 12:58 AM

Formula 2008/2009 Vs. Formula 2010
Hello. I am in need of some advise on what board would be a better choice.
I currently have a starboard formula 2004 158L, and is looking to upgrade to a newer one.

My current choices are a 2008 Forumula 162l, 2009 Forumla 162, or a 2010 forumula LWR/HWR (all new boards).

Which of the above three would be a better board to buy?

I am looking for top end speed, my sailing is mostly lake sailing under 18Knots, we rarely get days in the 18-25 knots range and for those I use my smaller boards (08 Futura 133, 09 Isonic 144, 08 JP Excite Ride 130).

What I am looking for is a board that will get me planning earlier and in 9-12 knots, but at the same time a board with a potential for a higher top end speed. I found that my 2004 formula is pretty much capped at the 22 knots limit. Maybe it is just my sailing and/or the coniditions here, but no matter how hard I try I can not break the 22 knots mark on it.

Of the boards I mentioned, which would be the better buy, in terms of early planning and higher top speed? Is board weight an issue? I noticed that the 2008/2009 are a bit heavier than the 2010 LWR followed and the little bit heavier 2010 HWR, is there really a big difference in performance due to weight?

Also between the 08 and 09 formula, is the difference only in the graphics or is there any performance/material construction difference between the 2 board?

For the 2010, would you recommend the LWR version or the HWR version for me. I am 78 Kg. The site says that the HWR is made for light to medium wind conditions, what does starboard consider medium wind condition? I am concened that the LWR version may be too big.

How would any of those board compare to my current 2004 formula. I am not reading a lot of good reviews for the 08/09 162? Is there known issues with this board?

Thanks so much for your help.

Remi 2nd November 2009 02:30 PM

Hi Hesman,

For your weight and what you want the better board for you will be a F160 in second hand or the LWR. Both them have a very good top end speed and good planning.

All the best

Misho2008 7th November 2009 08:02 AM

Thanks Remi. I placed my order today for the LWR, can't wait. :) Do you have any recommendations about which Fin would be a good fit for the board?

Denter 9th November 2009 06:39 AM


I saw that you have a 2008 Futura 133 and a JP X-cite 130. I'm trying to get one new board and i'm betwen these 2. I'm a begginer to Int. can you recommend me one board that you think would be best for me?

Remi 9th November 2009 05:32 PM

Hi Misho2008,

The R13 soft rake + 8 is a very good one.

All the best

Misho2008 10th November 2009 05:25 AM

Thanks Remi

Misho2008 10th November 2009 05:37 AM


Althought the Futura and the JP Xcite ride are roughly the same size (liters) I feel they are very different. It really depend on what you want it for. What conditions you sail in most of the time. The futura is wider (76 cm vs. 70 for the Xcite) and a bit shorter than the JP, with less rocker as well. I look at the futura as a cross between the freeride and slalom boards. It is an easier alternative to the real (more technical) slalom boards such as the isonic. The JP is a true freeride board. I feel the JP is livelier and more of a better fit for choppy conditions and strong winds. The futura can handle chop but it really shines when you use it in flat water condition as it can be pushed to really good speeds and accelerates very well. I would also think that the futura would plan earlier than the JP in those conditions, although if you get the pro edition for the JP it may not be the case (I have the wood sandwish JP).

Overall both boards are very nice, you can't really go wrong with either but it will mainly depend on what you want the board for and where you sail. I use my futura when I want to be blasting around with minimum effort, and my JP when the conditions gets choppy and strong.

I hope this helps.

Denter 10th November 2009 07:42 PM

The wind here are mostly 10 to 18kts and mostly we got swells 1 to 3 feet, so I think is flatwater. The local shop is offering a new 2008 Futura and a 2010 JP Fun Ride for the same price $1200.00. What would you do?
Thanks for your help.

Misho2008 11th November 2009 03:42 AM

I would probably go with the futura. The fun ride is a beginner board it is very different than the Xcite. Between the futura and the fun ride I would pick the futura. It is going to be a faster and you won't out grow it as will happen with the fun ride.

Denter 11th November 2009 06:37 AM


Originally Posted by Misho2008 (Post 36973)
I would probably go with the futura. The fun ride is a beginner board it is very different than the Xcite. Between the futura and the fun ride I would pick the futura. It is going to be a faster and you won't out grow it as will happen with the fun ride.

I bought the Futura. Thanks a lot for your help. Will try it on saturday

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